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There will be everywhere ceiling lamps now


env_fog_controller is added, making the view nicer so far. Also it's not extremely foggy.

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I can't seem to post images on skial website, I guess I have to use imgur.

The new Pit, copied from v5 office which it looks nicer, also changed the lighting.



Got from some Office v5 things, detailed the control point thing.


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The Trap 14 is very easy to avoid, so I had put the wall that will be here if a Hale activates the trap.
Again, got from v5 office.


The LOLOLOLOL Trap will have a middle thing, where you basically try to avoid getting pushed out in water.


Red people will be able to open this door.

Detail the spinner minigame, looks boring maybe use 9 Square thing so turn into a spinner minigame.
Try to figure out why torch fire doesn't work in Pit
Fix the thing that gets you stuck when entering pit in first door the start map
Add Fight minigame

(Probably) make LDR and HDR different. in LDR, the lighting will be from old Office. in HDR, the lighting will be new office.

Did you change the lighting? in Old office, it was different now the new office is like new lighting and some other.

No, I did not. I did not change the lighting, It was Cream Tea, who changed the lighting because it would look like nicer so far.
Also, I got VMF and Textures and Sounds from CT since he will be last touching shit map (office)
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I might need figure out how to fix door thing where you go to pit, but people get stuck on that. Can someone give me more information or about that thing how to currently fix?


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Still can get in Hale's side and stall every round?
I would have to disable easter egg that lets you go on the hale side. and not let people go to hale side on Pit. Sadly I won't fix it because that's how people are used to. I'm going keep it is unless if it's serious. People can report or do votemenu I suppose.
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With regards to HDR, if you aren't doing anything special with it, perhaps it would be much easier if you just stuck to LDR. You would be saving some map file size because you wouldn't have twice the lightmap data, and you would not need to worry about ensuring the experience is visually comfortable or appealing for players using either mode.

If you use any sort of light fixture which directs light in a direction (spotlights, floodlights, etc. known as downlighters) you should be using light_spot with it and not light. In the screenshot you shared, you have light being cast from the middle of the corridor, *upwards* towards the ceiling, causing the light fixture to cast a shadow. All you've done is add a prop. You haven't changed the lighting to match the source.
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