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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Dragontamer, Jun 10, 2018.

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    So I've been thinking about how some classes in deathrun have certain abilities that gives them an advantage. Some being spy, pyro, demo, Soldier and medic (sort of). So why not give the other classes abilities also? Here's what I'd suggest.
    • Scouts ability: One double jump, using it will take 50% of his health, and medkits are scarce in DR maps, so this will have to be used carefully. If its impossible to do with the regular double jump, than it could work with the Atomizer. And if you say "Well his speed is basically an ability" powerjack pyros run faster than him.
    • Heavys ability: Allow him to use the buffalo steak only once, combining with the GORU, giving him a temporary speed boost.
    • Engineer's ability: Allow him to build a teleporter entrance and exit only once, So that if he builds a tele behind a trap and then gets through the trap first, he can build an exit so others can pass the trap. Give him 100 metal to build these, disable dispensers and sentries, and disable ammo drop on death.
    • Medic: While medic has his 3 health per second, it doesn't feel like enough for a "ability." Maybe allow him 1 crusader's crossbow bullet to use on a class?
    • Snipers ability: Allow him to do the bushwaka jump that takes away 25-35 health, so that snipers don't repeatedly use it, also disable the cozy camper (if it hasn't already.)
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