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Closed BUYING: Battle-Worn Robot Parts 0.44 Ref / Pristine Parts 0.77 Ref / Other TF2 Items with Metal!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 - Sales' started by BBQ Prophet, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. BBQ Prophet

    BBQ Prophet Server-Clearing Cynic



    [​IMG]Pristine 7 Scrap Each
    [​IMG]Battle-Worn 4 Scrap Each
    [​IMG]Reinforced 1 TF2 Weapon Each (2 for 1 Scrap)

    [​IMG]Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys for 33 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Name Tags for 8.66 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Craftable Cosmetics for 1 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Stranges for 0.66 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Vintages for 0.22 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Genuines for 1.22 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Haunteds for 1.66 Ref Each.
    [​IMG]Halloween Items for 1 Scrap Each.
    [​IMG]War Paints for 1 Scrap Each.
    [​IMG]Decorated Weapons for 1 Scrap Each.
    [​IMG]5-Use Dueling Mini-Games for 1 Scrap Each.

    These prices are determined categorically to prevent abuse and may be outdated. Negotiation is allowed if, and only if, the Steam Community Market provides sufficient evidence your items are better than the established baseline.

    [​IMG]Remember that TF2 Metals use repeating decimals (Guide Here)
    [​IMG]Use the lowest number of Reclaimed and Scrap possible (to save crafting) &
    [​IMG]Don't take Metal likely to be used (to prevent Items Now Unavailable)


    I'm also buying Trading Cards and other Steam Items here
    I'm also buying CS:GO Items here
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
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