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Invalid Appeal: ChaoticGamerGuy

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by KarmicChaos, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. KarmicChaos

    KarmicChaos Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:
    So the reason I'm making this appeal is out of confusion for the rule(s) that were broken that led to my mute. I can't speak for the other two in the report, but here is a link to the report made against me:

    I would like you to note two things in this report.

    First, the report simply gave the reason "micspam", which is very vague, and thus confused me when it was given as my reason for the mute. I believe that a better reason should have been given for my ban, and since this was not the case, I will need to cover all of my bases in this appeal.

    Second, and this is important, is that I believe myself to have not (intentionally at the very least) broken any rules whatsoever over the course of the video evidence given in the report linked above. Here are the three rules copy-pasted that one might believe I could have broken in the video recorded:

    - Whether music over voice chat is spam will be left to a server vote. However music is NOT allowed on trade servers.
    - No music or recordings in voice chat.
    - No purposefully interrupting trade chat.

    Let's start off easy. There were no trade ads for the entire duration of the video as far as I could tell. If there were, I couldn't hear them now going over the video in post, so I couldn't be reasonably expected to hear them in the moment in order to cease mic activity. IIRC there was actually an instance outside of this recording where that happened and I immediately ceased chatting as soon as I heard the trade message. Even if you don't believe me, this video is not enough evidence to support the claim that I interrupted a trade ad with my shenanigans.

    Music is not allowed on trade servers. Another easy one, as nobody was playing music for the entire duration of the video.

    Lastly, no music or recordings on voicechat. That was my voice. I spoke all of that. None of that was music or a recording. I even commented in the video itself that I had a surprising amount of it memorized.

    With all this said, it leaves me with the question: What rule have I broken? "micspam" simply doesn't cut it as a reason for me in this case.

    While I understand it may not have been the most pleasant experience for everyone on the server, specifically in my case nobody ever asked me to stop (Beef included) and no votes were cast against me. I would also like to mention that Beef constantly likes to camp spawn as sniper on the trade server, and I poke fun at that fact sometimes by calling him a tryhard or "infinite-range hitscan man". These jabs may have led him to harbor aggression towards me, or perhaps he simply wanted to file a report against lucy and then felt he may as well include me in the report too. I have no idea.

    Lastly, as a request to the mod/admin reading this, If you do end up marking this appeal as invalid, please do me a favor and reply with the real reason why this mute still stands. I would like to at the very least know what I actually did wrong so I can know not to do it again next time.

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  2. KarmicChaos

    KarmicChaos Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Apparently, this forum post used my old username from years ago "ChaoticGamerGuy". I just changed my name to KarmicChaos after seeing that. Hope it doesn't complicate this appeal process.
  3. Jermaphobe

    Jermaphobe Moderator Contributor Legendary Mapper

    As for mic spamming. You and everyone in that report were purposely talking over each other with your banter multiple times (Not considering how irrelevant and unwanted that banter was by the rest of the server.). That seems like spam to me. I would have silenced for the spam had I handled the report.

    This right here would have been a guaranteed silence if any admin saw this or someone reported it. Players make dumb abbrievations to the n word trying to get around the racism rule all the time.

    TRADE | US ██████ 10/19/2020 - 05:53:10 PM KarmicChaos NIGGUT

    I didn't handle the report, so we'll leave it to @BirdTheMan to decline or resolve it.
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  4. KarmicChaos

    KarmicChaos Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Interesting. So is it considered spam to you for the reason of it being multiple people talking over each other? Or is it just the fact that I was using the mic for an extended period? Or something else? As far as I can see (aside from just don't do it 4head) the correct course of action in the future seems to be to cease mic activity if anyone else is talking. I agree that this cacophony of noise altogether seems reasonable to be labelled as spam, but what about if I was the only one talking (and only doing so some of the time, as is seen in the video)? This may sound selfish, but I'd like to be able to know just how much I can goof off on the mic, instead of just being deathly afraid of using it in the future for anything but adverts.

    PS, if you want context on "niggut", zert and I were messing with vocalize commands (this one being need a teleporter here as demo cut off by a laugh). You could check other chat messages around that time to see me saying stuff like "I AM FULL OF SAND-" (heavy eating quote cut off by a laugh). It wasn't meant to be a "workaround" any more than that.
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  5. BirdTheMan

    BirdTheMan TF2 Admin Contributor

    This is the problem here, In the report it shows multiple players on the mic constantly spamming irrelevant and unwanted phrases & having no regard for anyone else on the server or for each other by constantly talking over one another. That, in my books, is Spam.

    Everyone in the video was dealt punishment, your silence is 1 week because you have a history of mic spamming.
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