Resolved all i do is protip - Racism on Mic

Discussion in 'Reports' started by haytil, May 14, 2018.

  1. haytil

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    Racism on Mic

    Player Name:
    all i do is protip


    12:30 AM CST?


    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    I've complained about this guy before, he's a well-known troll on the Skial Payload server that gets muted/kicked all the time:

    Original thread

    He's now taken to spicing his bullshit with some racism, referring to his teammates as stupid white people. @Meowcenary warned him officially a few nights back, but he appears to have ignored the warning, as last night he was trolling again. Here's a demo:!Z3p1UZZa!RwLqm6VE5b3jErICyL2X9Mx5m0bPL-H80-iUUKLP_MQ

    It's a long demo, because you can never predict when this crazy person will throw out his racist shit. Here are some quick highlights from my brief run-through:

    3:20: Racial slur
    5:40: "dim-witted white people"
    16:10: Insults his team, calling them "white people."
    16:22 Same as above
    16:43: Calls his team "dumb white people."

    I stopped listening after that, that should be more than enough for you.
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