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  1. [B][FC][S][M]BornBeast

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    2FORT | NY
    5-6 hours
    Link to your Stats Page:
    Playing Time:
    More 100
    Will you get mad if you lose admin?:
    No, im isnt get mad, and i continue play on our servers.
    How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID?:
    sm_ban STEAM_ID 90 aimbot
    Any other reason you should be admin:
    I want to be admin, but i love ur servers, and playing every free time. I living in Russia and can play AM and PM time in the servers/​
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  2. courtsnort♩♪♫♬

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    Low effort, questions are incorrect and/or poorly answered, and you’ve never reported anyone. Loving Skial servers isn’t enough to warrant becoming an admin.
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  3. Luke

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    Declining for obvious reasons
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