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I been using your https://mods.skial.com/ site for quite sometime and been playing with this Female Pyro mod by Alaxe_ https://gamebanana.com/mods/399723 on your servers without any issue until it got updated and now creating a .zip file makes the file weight above 100 MB's.

Using other types of compression makes the site not accept the .zip file.

Can you please make the site accept .zip files that are above the requirement or update the requirement so we can upload bigger files below 150 MB's?

I was using the HD version and yeah it is above 100 MB i could use the SD version but i like the better visuals.


Scarcely Lethal Noob
I found a way to make it work, just separate the files inside the .vpk one that has all the materials/models folder and the other rest of the other stuff put inside another folder so you have 2 separate folders.

Then .zip the 1st one that weights almost 100 mb then upload it to the mods skial site then do the same with the other stuff.

Once you have downloaded both signed files from the mods skial site just rename the .VPK's of the materials to Part 1 like this:
Fempyro tutorial.PNG

Same with the other stuff. (Part 2).

(Ignore the cache files they are irrelevant)

The materials must be 1st to avoid issues

And there we go:

Playing on Skial 2fort with the mod and no issues.

Thank you Skial for allowing us to have a way to play with mods.
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