1. Italian Doctor

    Declined change confirmDiscord(); description

    even though nothing is 100% idiot proof changing the description may help the new description would say "discord is not for discussing mutes, bans, or rule breakers. it is only for chat! if you understand this, type nobans"
  2. Doodle nugget


    There happens to be a surf_rainbow_v4... maybe we could get that up and running, new jail, more secrets, I think the casuals would enjoy this one more. Also remove x10 from rotation nobody enjoys playing on that map thanks!
  3. wojtekpolska

    How to see how much i played on Skial's servers

    Like in title: How to see how much i played on Skial's servers (i mean only skial ,not TF2 time)
  4. Lightion

    Approved Removal of engineer on MGE

    The problem with having Engineer on an MGE server is that it allows for the exploiting with the Eureka effect. Basically when you equip it and use the 'Home' Teleport it puts you in a Tiny Dark box. This spot is where everyone spawns so the map can recognise what arena they're meant to be put...
  5. Lightion

    Projectiles LITCHRALLY going through walls, and any surface (inc. floors...)

    This AFAIK only effected the Badwater EU No crit server for the sake of convenience the ip is: Heres a demo: I was literally able to shoot the stickies through walls and hit someone
  6. Lightion

    Approved Removal of rtd on mge server

    Removal of the RTD command (the one you buy through shop) on the MGE server. It's a problem because RTD is so cheap and you can get so many credits, literally over 1k everyday and just spam them in one server and have everyone ragequit because of a command that shouldn't even be on a server like...