1. drag4you2

    Approved Fix the Nose Candy Textures

    It appears that if you wear the Nose Candy (Horrific) Style with the !wear command or !item command. The cosmetic has some weird and buggy white textures moving around the head of the pyro but if you have the cosmetic and wear it this doesn't happen. I believe this cosmetic has an issue on the...
  2. t_corvus

    Declined South American or Brazillian Server(s)

    There are many brazillian players in TF2, I like Skial servers a lot but it's quite difficult to play with 120 - 200 ping. I think it's quite unlikelly that this suggestion will be approved, but suggestions are suggestions. Thanks for reading anyway.
  3. Gatesby

    Declined Add Payload server for Europe players

    I really like payload. US aleready have a payload server so i ask can you make one for europe? That would be really nice.
  4. Gamer4605

    Among us and skial The devs for among us have stated that If player levels drop for among us after among us 2 comes out, that they’ll shut down their servers and make it open source: this means that skial could open up shop for this game if this happens...
  5. meem*

    Declined Ping Limit please?

    Could we please have a ping limit on servers, its very annoying to fight players when they can hit you from 7ft away. Perhaps the limit can be like 100 or 200 ping?
  6. SlamTilt

    Running my own servers?

    Hello! I was just curious to know how to build my own custom server. I have a collection of maps I'd love to get into circulation, and I want anybody to be able to join the server at any given time. How should I go about doing this? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -SlamTilt
  7. BenCo

    So how the map accepting process works on skial?

    So as a mapper, I have a deathrun map project atm. It's only 15% done so I still need to work on it a lot. My question is that how do the admins of skial accept deathrun maps for the servers. Are there any requirements?
  8. Scouter 2

    Can we have more normal EU servers here?

    there are 13 servers with normal maps without stuff like x10 or randomizer etc out of 42 all EU servers. Could we have few more normal servers maybe with map rotation? I would be glad if there was a KOTH server or at least we got harvest EU back (and if they are added pls don't make them x10 or...
  9. l8r b8r

    Need Supporters Make a US Balloon Race server

    So I see that there is only an EU balloon race server and I am wanting a US one for all us N. Americans.