1. Oktoberfest03

    Declined Puerto Rico Servers for TF2?

    Hello! I just joined Skial's official website and I'm not sure where would I ask this question, but I would love to see a Puerto Rico server integrated in Skial for TF2, I've had a lot of issues playing with terrible pings and I for once would like to play without having ping lags every 10-15...

    I'm fairly new to Skial, so I don't know a lot about it.

    is there a way I can create a skial server? I've seen those fake skial servers, so I know it's possible. I'm trying to create a skial server so I can play on badlands and such.

    Declined New EU Servers

    To the point. Some of you know that EU servers mostly are CTF and Fun Modes (Like Deathruns). And couple days ago I saw Dustbowl US + server. We need EU region one too.
  4. Godzilla fan for life

    Question for Admins regarding Idle server and perks of donating

    So over the past couple of days I have played on the Bottiger's 24/7 Idle Trade server and have ran into something that I think should either be changed, removed, or fixed that has really annoyed me. That is the donation perks you get, which are specifically the speed (have scout speed for every...
  5. Sir Trooper

    Approved Shorten the new Zombie Server server time

    I've just tried the zombie server today and I am quite enjoying it. However I find the the server time is too long (45 minutes) compared to the 30 minutes that I am used to on Vsh and Deathrun. I like to enjoy as many maps as I can and hate being stuck on one map for too long as I become bored...
  6. Kacey

    Banned items in VSH US server

    Hello, first time posting here in a long time if ever. I am curious why certain items are banned on VSH specifically in the US server. Such items I've noticed are: Bazaar Bargain Soda Popper Rocket Jumper Stickybomb Launcher Overdose Eureka Effect Natasha Blutsauger What I do not understand...
  7. Da7Boi

    Proxy Ban (this is a frequent topic on here isnt it)

    Self Explanatory. Name was Dipshit with a frying pan, changed it to Da7Boi because I got bored of the original one. Would like some help with why the proxy I use was banned, as I haven't changed it at all.
  8. Hermann


    I have been frequenting the LA 2Fort map, the one with the pervert Uncle Tickles, and oftentimes I will be kicked at what seems to be random. I then automatically rejoin the server and can play like normal, most of the time. I am guessing this has something to do with reserved slots but I'm not...
  9. R

    When are you going to start banning hackers?

    Currently on your Turbine server, Mr. High is using a hack to see cloaked spies. Reporting it does nothing. He never gets banned.
  10. BenCo

    So how the map accepting process works on skial?

    So as a mapper, I have a deathrun map project atm. It's only 15% done so I still need to work on it a lot. My question is that how do the admins of skial accept deathrun maps for the servers. Are there any requirements?
  11. Scouter 2

    Can we have more normal EU servers here?

    there are 13 servers with normal maps without stuff like x10 or randomizer etc out of 42 all EU servers. Could we have few more normal servers maybe with map rotation? I would be glad if there was a KOTH server or at least we got harvest EU back (and if they are added pls don't make them x10 or...
  12. Lizard

    Approved Change RTV from 12 votes required to 16

    Currently, to trigger RTV it takes 12 votes. I assume this is because most servers used to hold only 24 players and so 12 was a reasonable amount. But now that most servers are 32-player, it only takes 37.5% of players to RTV. This is a problem mainly because now maps hardly ever run for their...
  13. K→daz

    Bring back EU SKIAL Harvest please :'{

    It would be awesome if you guys could bring it back. I mean I don't really understand why you didn't allready, to me it seems like it had a solid playerbase, including myself. I'm not saying it was full all the time but possibly every day, at the peek times. I'm just sad that it's dead, it had...
  14. Cream Tea

    Trade | NY Christmas Update.

    - Stuff moved to a suggestion thread - Here is a list of what to look forward to: An ice rink. A Christmas tree to replace the fountain in the center of the plaza. A fix to stop pyros exploiting the scorch shot to open the boxing ring and spy-crab room. An increased cool down for triggering...
  15. i_am_god

    Koth_harvest tf2 european server

    Well it was on my fav server list. I cant find it neither on the internet servers list either. Was deleted? Just wondering.