I'm just an old man (in skial years) that has basically reverted into a Lurker. I mean sure i'll post here and there but don't expect whatever i say to SHAKE THE GROUND or some shit.

Currently Playing:
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne & Strange Journey's NG+
Fire Emblem Awakening's DLC (..still)
Black Mesa (Release Xen, damnit.)

...And i think that's it. Well, since you are here enjoy a brief snipit from my Comic.

"Between the Cosmos and Realms, there lies between a world not unlike ours. In the Year of our Gods 202X after the Great Seperation of the Great Countries, One being drifiting along the line between life of death that is blessed by the goddess of the moon starts an empire that is not like any other. Soldiers that are decayed beyond reconition arise from their slumber to bow down to their new leader all the while that their resting tower becomes alive, filled to the brim of filth and brimstone. It comes to the point that 3 bizarre detectives: Notoko Masharan, Edward Sennen, and Thomas Dilton are the only chance that the New World can survive against this Force. This Purgatoric Empire..."

..What? didn't like it or something? Well, you decided to read my bio.
Here, have a shitpost to make you feel better.
September 22


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"I remain DEEPLY optimistic about Skial's future." - Sen. Joseph Lieberman, 2014
"I sell Propane and Propane Accessories." - Hank Hill, 1999



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