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    Invalid Appeal: Solarflame

    we consider friendlying as harming your team because you're taking up a server slot on that team and refusing to help them in any way: Harming your team for an extended period of time. (friendlying/griefing) Examples: Blocking sniper views Teleporter traps Refusing to help advance your teams...
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    Resolved 2FORT+ | US 2 █████ - DYWI - Racism

    DYWI[U:1:124671140] WristSlicer97[U%3A1%3A172488876]
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    Need Evidence jtvares_s - Friendly/Griefing

    the demo is only 318KB and can't be opened ingame, is this the correct file or do you have another one?
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    Need Evidence cassidy - Aimbotting
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    Invalid !__FooZhan__! - Spraying sexual content

    pornographic sprays are allowed, only gore and anything illegal is banned
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    Resolved senator / lifeweb - Toxicty , Racism, aggresion towards every player directly related rules are no racism/discrimination to religion & gender, spamming & posting private info without consent
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    Resolved senator / lifeweb - Toxicty , Racism, aggresion towards every player

    while i have silenced senator for screaming into their mic and borderline racism when telling someone to stop talking because they're from israel, being toxic and aggressive towards the players on the server is not against the rules
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    Invalid Appeal: Clinton Wolfe

    skial doesn't unban cheaters. also, you weren't afk for all that long considering you tried to rejoin 28 seconds after the ban, and you were killing people right before HARVEST | US █████ 04/02/2021 - 04:04:18 PM Disconnected HARVEST | US █████ 04/02/2021 - 04:04:14 PM Connected HARVEST | US...
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    Pardoned Appeal: Webウェブ

    i've unbanned you. your account has a history of breaking rules so next incident may be permanent again, regardless of server
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    Need Evidence Cromba - cheating

    we require demo or good video evidence for cheat reports if the user is no longer on our servers:
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    Resolved fartinmymouth/DaBaby Gaming - Discrimination

    fartinmymouth[U:1:387567973] MAN DaBaby Gaming...
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    Invalid Appeal: Guep

    you cheated on an alt account. we do not unban cheaters so better luck on other servers
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    Need Evidence Pie - Racist Spray

    player's spray was different in-game; other players said it was bugged and using someone's elses. on map swap, this was fixed. i couldn't find the original user
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    Resolved SG-MuTe69 - Griefing - Blocking the surf

    after talking with another admin i've proceeded to ban the user. apologies for the issue