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  • i ALWAYS forget just how childish these kids on the forums are, one day they'll actually achieve puberty and then they'll get REALLY tough.
    When your status triggers people who are worth less than nothing to you !! you're welcome fool
    2 different status's or are you just that brain dead? haha i think your "blade" is quite dull , but you know that my posts had nothing to do with you until you felt COMPELLED to talk shit because its all you got, you're a weakling trying to be strong on a forum full of other kids lol i guess you got that right lol.
    Blade D_Hero
    Blade D_Hero
    You’re a very good psychologist considering you can draw such powerful conclusions from 5 minutes worth of posts over the span of several days.
    Thanks its called experience dealing with lesser minds.
    what i find super cool is when a cheater gets caught and they get their gf to "man up" for them !!
    i LOVE how both Met and Maddo just cant get my name out of their mouths fast enough !! Keep at it little boys.
    So i guess from all the appeals,everyone figures if you're laggy then cheats dont apply to you, ..seems legit lmao
    Maddo - a chubby little boy who's not seen his feet in 10 years, Metroid,- someone who talks about gaming but never does, seems legit.
    I'm really starting to get worried, i think Maddo likes me a little too much, everytime i sign in he's making status's about me
    Two meek little boys with no outside life, only a forum to have their tantrums on, everywhere else they are invisible!
    Such a beautiful thing seeing an owner of a great group and his admins step up and get rid of cheater Kudo's Bottiger and fellow Admins.
    You ever wonder if some of those UK idiots are socially handicapped?
    lmao Maddo, i have probably 30 UK gaming friends on my list, as well as about 17 or 18 from europe, try not to pat your back too hard and honestly , i dont know you, as you have NO clue who i am, come onto skial USA 1 server sometime , then you can maybe put yourself onto that chart, but im guessing you're just one of those who talks shit and doesnt even play, sort of like Metroidz
    there we go, removed just about all the trash, little boy, you say triggered, because you've got nothing else to say,, you've got so little to say that you are now going on about spelling lol , so sad Maddo, get a job, besides with your lips.
    you've done nothing of the sort but i dont need your nonsense on my page, marking it up like you're doing something smart, lol begone gnat, you're a waste of my time.
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