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Raptor Prime™

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Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight, Male, 22, from Qatar

another word for announcement? Feb 7, 2013

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Jun 23, 2018
  1. Pengy
    Quality trading partner, even when not online :P
    Jun 15, 2014 Report
  2. Derpingson
    Sold a Muffs to him, thanks! Fast and friendly, as always! +Rep!
  3. redankulous.
    Awesome seller. waited for me to get on and offered a fair price. +rep
  4. Derpingson
    Sold my Kringle to the guy. Friendly and respectful. Thanks! +Rep
  5. Pierce
    +Rep, no-risk, fast, easy trade. Pleasant trader, look forward to future trades
  6. Zombie(NL)
    Nice trader. helped me looking for weapons
  7. Derpingson
    Sold a TC to the guy. Incredibly friendly, reasonable and a great trader! +Rep!
  8. Derpingson
    Sold the guy a Green Made Man for 2 Ref. Resonable, and a friendly trader. +Rep
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