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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Bottiger, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator


    We have started a Zombie Escape server.
    Why did we make one? We had some people request it and upon further investigation, we found that it was basically the only thing being played on community servers in CS:GO and CS:S.

    There are no public plugins or maps for zombie escape in TF2 so we have had to make them our own from scratch, and it is now at the point where it is playable but we need people to try it and give balancing suggestions.

    How do you play it?
    • There is a zombie team and a human team. The humans run to an area until they reach a slow opening door. You defend the area until you can run through to the next area.
    • Zombies try to kill the humans before they reach the last area.
    • Any humans that get killed by a zombie will turn into a zombie.
    • Why don't we use the Halloween Zombie skins?
      Those skins are actually cosmetics. Valve blocks servers from using cosmetics.
    So if this sounds like something that interests you, join now and let us know what things should be tweaked.

    50% bonus credits are enabled on the server right now!
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  2. ShiningLeviathan

    ShiningLeviathan Scarcely Lethal Noob

    It seems you're taking suggestions...

    Here are some critical ones...

    > Keep each class at their base health. No ridiculous thousand-HP buffs

    > Keep Zombies at melee only. That's kind of the norm for Zombie gamemodes.

    > All Sentries should be Mini-Sentries only (this is probably already implemented)

    > Ammo should be normal.

    > As a Human, the Atomizer allows for infinite jumps. This results in him being untouchable by Zombies in open areas, making him very overpowered.

    > Allow Scout to double jump with his other weapons (is there a reason why you don't?)

    > When there's only one Human left, give the last Human a large health buff, as well as mini-crits on all weapons

    > This is likely more of a mapmaker's issue, but areas where we are kept in one spot for a very long time before the door opens should be wide open arenas (Jungle Lab is the best in this regard). Mobility's very important in this gamemode, especially when there's low player counts.

    Now here are some ideas for weapons...

    > After hearing the Frying Pan's noise, I thought, maybe it could be used as a distress signal. Zombies hit by a Pan would emit a very wide and loud beacon effect for several seconds that would nullify sneak attacks

    > As a Human, the Sandman's balls could full-on stun Zombies, keeping them in one spot for several seconds. In contrast, the Zombies' Sandman balls could have the normal slowdown effect

    > As a Human, The Sun-on-a-Stick could ignite Zombies, on top of its other effects

    > The Soldier's Grenade taunt wouldn't kill him instantly, but instead leave him at one health, and strip him of his primary and secondary for several seconds. That way, people who use it unintentionally don't cost their team the round.

    > The Axtinguisher could one-hit kill burning Zombies

    > The Powerjack's speed boost would be greater, but its firing speed would be slower

    > The Stock Stickybomb Launcher can place 10 stickies at a time

    > As a Human, all shields have increased turning ability

    > As a Human, the Half-Zatoichi could heal some health with each hit, and it would stack with Mad Milk

    > Lunchbox items would hurt Zombies, specifically the amount of damage they would normally heal

    > Fists of Steel would resist melee damage by a lot, but movement would be slowed, and weapon switching animations would be slowed down as well

    > The Gloves of Running Urgently and Eviction Notice would have a greater speed boost, and have mild resistance to melee damage to counter the health draining

    > As a Human, all wrenches (except for Gunslinger) would deal additional damage and mark Zombies for death, on top of their other effects

    > All Medi Guns' healing is slowed down, and Ubercharge (except for Kritzkrieg) is disabled

    > As a Human, the Vita-Saw drains health from Zombies, and marks them for death. As a Zombie, instead of draining health and marking the target for death with each hit, killing a Human with the Vita-Saw fully restores a Zombie's health

    > The Huntsman has twice as much ammo, and arrows cause Zombies to bleed

    > Jarate has a slight speed debuff

    > The Bushwacka could one-hit kill Jarate'd Zombies

    > The Shahanshah grants you a speed boost (on top of its other effects, of course) when health is below 50%

    > The Ambassador's accuracy is fixed, and headshots one-shot Zombies

    > As a Human, the Conniver's Kunai does not reduce max health to 70, but rather, keeps max health at 125, but it marks you for death. A successful backstab still brings health up to 210, though

    > As a Human, Your Eternal Reward still silently backstabs enemies, but instead of disguising as the victim,

    > Zombies are allowed to have Sappers

    Those are some ideas, feel free to implement them to the best of your ability.

    Thanks for listening! Good luck moving forward, and I look forward to this gamemode's success!
  3. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    I got a lot of useful information from all the people helping out by testing.

    I fixed a lot of bugs today that resulted in the loss of infinite ammo/metal, weapons being suddenly unblocked.

    The bugs came from trying to make too many changes as fast as I could while there were still people on it. Now that I've had time to fix things, I think the bugs are all gone now.

    We still need people to test it.
  4. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    Humans killed by zombies will now respawn on the spot with 100 hp and be stunned and ubered for 3 seconds.
  5. True Darkian

    True Darkian Gore-Spattered Heavy

    Wasn't this a gamemode before called Super Zombie Fortress? (SZF)

    I would like to see a Mapper make the No Mercy map from Left 4 Dead for this.
  6. Maddo

    Maddo Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I played a while, but only 6 people on (got a nice amount of credits though)
    Zombies too hard to kill
    Zmb should only use melee.
    balance of health between zmb and humans needs looking at.
    Can't comment on much more at the moment, but will hit it up later and see how the tweaks have helped.
  7. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    It's a neat idea.
  8. Maddo

    Maddo Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Agreed, I don't normally play non vanilla tf2, but this peaked my interest.
  9. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    You know what would be really cool though, some kind of MvM style zombie game where you have to survive waves of zombies, the zombies get stronger and faster each round.

    There is something like that on Garry's mod, of course more in depth with classes and weapons and all. It's just called Zombie Survival.
  10. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Yeah, for the small time I played last night during the 50% more credits on it, I definitely enjoyed my time on their. There is definitely still a lot needing changed, and when there isn't many players, it becomes a much harder time for the humans
  11. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    I also feel that with a lot of the changes made, it's way too difficult for zombies on some maps, as there are areas the humans can hold that makes it impossible to pass, but at the same time there are parts of a map where it is impossible for the humans to hold, as it's too open and prone to flanks.

    There are also two maps I have an issue with: Challenger and Jungle. The human and zombie spawn on jungle is right next to each other and are released at the same time, which doesn't give the humans enough time to run, as scouts can easily catch them.

    Another issue with jungle is the lift, it's super bugged. Everyone on blue has to jump to get it to go up, and it will occasionally kill people saying a train killed them. It also doesn't help that the zombies can drop down and kill them off the moment they leave it, which again gives the humans no chance at preparing a defense.

    The first door that humans defend on challenger doesn't open, and it's too spammy, making it way to hard to overrun, but at the same time the humans can't progress which means they are doomed to die at that position.
  12. True Darkian

    True Darkian Gore-Spattered Heavy

    In Jungle there's a supply locker in spawn that can equip banned weapons.
  13. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Oh yeah I forgot about that, and it puts the zombies at major disadvantage, especially against the crusader crossbow spam
  14. True Darkian

    True Darkian Gore-Spattered Heavy

    What happened yesterday, was pure chaos.
  15. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    yeah it was, after you left humans struggled to win, although zombies did struggle occasionally. We definitely need more maps, some maps need a few fixes, and I think weapons need to be balanced more, including classes, as some maps are impossible for humans to win, and other maps are impossible for zombies to win
  16. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    In fact i'm on the challenger map rn. The door now opens, and the boxes now have a gap in the middle, so they aren't impossible to pass.
  17. True Darkian

    True Darkian Gore-Spattered Heavy

    Yes, and for a new map: No Mercy from Left 4 Dead, please make it happen Mappers!
  18. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Yeah I'm on it rn trying to test if issues on maps have been fixed, but can't test jungle for fixes without a survivor. So far challenger is working. although the end requires you to defend for 40 secs, but lets humans win before it's been 40 seconds
  19. True Darkian

    True Darkian Gore-Spattered Heavy

    You can fix/make maps?
  20. Sharky Cuddle

    Sharky Cuddle Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    No I was referring to the maps that had issues, I've been checking if someone fixed them, which so far they have

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