Your story as a noob in CSGO?

Discussion in 'CS:GO' started by User, Oct 14, 2017.

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    So yeah, I'm a noob at CSGO. I got the game and started playing it, and the tactic I used was spamming the weapon while standing up. I can see why that was so terrible since the shots were going around the person, and then he would one hit me with a desert eagle in the head. The worst experience was when I was holding the bomb. Everyone would die, and I wouldn't know where to put it. My whole team argued on the chat and then I would get sniped, then I got kicked. I started using crates and my fifth attempt gave me a Stattrack Fever Dream AWP but I was bad at using sniper rifles. I always used the AWP when sniping at people close to me, and even then I missed.

    Soon I met hackers, and at first I thought pro players were hacking but then I realised what true hackers were when I died ten seconds after the round started (wall hacks). I always thought the best weapon was the AUG since it had sniper vision. But noobs used it all the time and it became annoying for me.

    So what are your stories? Hopefully they're not worse than mine.
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    getting vote kicked? idk
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    Getting my first kill during a round without dying.
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    My story is don't play it. It's a trap. Until you get above smurf ranks you're just gonna run into free cheat users that got cheap accounts from g2a.
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