Why Dota 2 is bigger than LOL?

Discussion in 'Dota 2' started by majusuperb, May 17, 2019.

  1. majusuperb

    majusuperb Unremarkable User

    I love them both but I really wanna know what are your thoughts about it.
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  2. Solariss

    Solariss Unremarkable User

    I think that Dota 2 is more professional. It proves your skills and effort.
  3. uppe-r

    uppe-r Rage-Inducing Forum Troll Contributor

    Tbh, the fewwww times i tried LOL, I got a headache from those crappy ass all green and flash graphics.
    DOTA feels way more "well-built". Apart from that, it's on Steam, it's made by Valve, has the biggest e-sports tournament each year by a LARGE margin, most of it raised by the community, not even just Valve.
    I also feel its ridiculous to pay for "champions", DOTA's concept is way better: everyone has the same heroes, equal opportunities.

    Riot just wants to suck up more and more money without giving shit to their employees or their community
    big .l. to them
  4. HowIMetYourMother

    HowIMetYourMother Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Depends on what you call bigger, i think league's active playerbase is much higher. Can't find recent numbers (or i don't want to spend time looking), but in 2018 the diffrence was huge AND showing a decreasing trend for dota.

    On the other hand it is true that dota has much bigger prize pools (25 mil vs 5 mil) but considering league has a much larger vieuwerbase the e-sport scene is valued higher. Players are payed more and teams/orgs make more money.

    The games are very simular with a few differences in design choices i think, league went for a visual appealing(easy to differenciate abilities) while dota has a deeper mechanicspool (i think). Another difference is that in dota you are puniched much harder for a mistake. Does this define a skilldifference? I don't think so because it works both ways.
  5. uppe-r

    uppe-r Rage-Inducing Forum Troll Contributor

    something that i read a lot of LOL players say when switching to dota is the learning curve. Seems like dota is a way harder game for them.
    Also, in terms of earning, DOTA is way higher for players (https://www.esportsearnings.com/players) the first 39 spots of the top 100 rank belong to DOTA players.
    And yeah, LOL's playerbase is quite much higher and DOTA has been dropping, but still we're on track to beat last years TI prizepool.
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  6. HowIMetYourMother

    HowIMetYourMother Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I can't tell you anything about the learning curve, sounds reasonable since i think league is more intuitive (?)

    The list you gave only counts for prize money, considering dota players don't have a salary from their teams and league players do it's totally inacurate. The first league player on the list (Faker), was paid 2.5 Mil per year in 2k18. No clue how this translates to averages.

    Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6u5khj/team_liquid_salaries_range_from_100k_to_200k/
    This post seems to indicate dota players DO have a salary unlike another article i saw before i made this post. So yea i can't seem to find backed-up numbers for either games on full-income. Most articles seem to imply dota players are the winner here. I don't see how but sometimes it just be like that
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  7. Metroidz

    Metroidz Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    What's Dota?
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  8. uppe-r

    uppe-r Rage-Inducing Forum Troll Contributor

    A very dope game
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