Why do people continue playing casual over community?
I find it confusing that people in the overall tf2 community pick casual over community, especially with how popular community servers were in the past.

-Valve servers are completely unmoderated
-Valve servers are sv_pure
-Valve servers have a terrible map changing system with no way to nominate a map

Ignoring bots (which is real hard to do currently) Valve servers just aren't great.


So people seem to in agreement that it's because it's the Valve-intended vanilla experience.

So valve's intended way to enjoy TF2 is unmoderated servers that sometimes, you have to abandon due to several bots joining or kicking you?

I feel like there is this notion that community servers are all the mario kart map with 100% crits or something. They really aren't, sure those exist, but plenty of servers exist that provide a relatively normal TF2 experience.


Again, those are just what comes to mind, there are community servers that offer an experience that's still plenty enjoyable, such as, or

I just feel like this idea that people have to play through the pain is terrible and doesn't give people new to the game a good introduction at all! There's a good chance Valve's reluctance to fix this issue is directly tied to people continuing to play casual despite it's GLARING flaws.

Author: RepairBueno