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..Just imagine the pure confusion of the parents when they take their kids to the cinema to watch the new MLP movie. Parents that has no idea at all about the whole fandom.

That cinema has to be the weirdest one. You got the young kids that are there with their parents, you got those that masturbate to horses and you got the rest of the fandom; all collected in one cinema.

I would literally pay just to observe what the hell the outcome of THAT would be.
"Sir you can't bring in a video recorder into this theater"
"Oh don't worry, I'm not recording the movie, just the moviegoers"

The ticket dudes would probably understand your reasons ahead of time as well.


Face-Melting F2Per
Saw the trailer for this when I went to see this is the end, the 2 13 year old boys behind me said, "Oh my god, we have to go see that!" . So the brony community does have neck beards, but most of the fanbase is young awkward teens that don't know how to deal with their social awkwardness and watch my little pony out of loneliness