Who do you think the G-Man is?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by GoldSrc, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. GoldSrc

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    I have a theory for who he is, but it's a bit extensive, so I'll just say the basic parts. G-Man is a term used in the US government, it means government man. With this in mind, I thought he might be an interdimensional bureaucrat/ representative for an interdimensional government. This interdimensional government would be at war with the combine, due to the combine's hostile actions against multiple alternate universes and dimensions. The G-Man was tasked with getting the combine on earth so that humans could deal a crippling blow to them, helping their war effort.
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  2. GoldSrc

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    how dare you react with dumb!!!!111!!!!11!!! im deleting this post!!!111!!11!1!!1!!!!iii
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  3. KinCryos

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  4. Miles Kilo

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    Someone liked his cut and called him g

    Then he became the G-man
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  5. Snitch Bitch

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    Aussi, si tu aimes G-Man, je vous recommande le canal de CoreyLaddo: https://youtube.com/c/CoreyLaddo
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