What's new in Jailbreak and Zombie Escape

Discussion in 'News' started by Bottiger, May 18, 2019.

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    It has been a few months since we released these servers, and I just wanted to say that they've gone through significant improvements, and still offer 100% bonus credits!

    or type !jb on any server to join
    • Now in EU instead of NY.
    • We now use a brand new plugin that is similar to the public one that people outside of Skial are used to, while having many of the features people loved about our custom one such as warden center chat, no talking over warden, and queue based rotation.
    • Especially important is our new moderator system which allows us to have many JB moderators to handle the frequent rule breaking there. We have over 8 moderators and can easily add more.
    • We have some new players joining us, as well as old regulars like Firebird. Welcome back!
    Zombie Escape
    or type !ze on any server to join
    • The game mode is now more balanced than ever.
    • Voodoo Island: The ropes are fixed. There is now a second platform to the boat. Spawning outside of cages is fixed. Thanks Jerma!
    • Zombie scouts now take double knockback and have half HP.
    • Heavy knockback has been dropped.
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