What is with skial servers?

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    What is with skial servers?
    I got sick of casual after the broken launch and everything else see zenomites video on it. So after trying to find a different way of playing tf2 I found skial servers that had everything it was like quick play but after playing for a year I have seen some stuff. First thing is the players now I don't hate gibus noobs I do like them if there calum nice people but some of these players they just scream yell complain about everything and it's starting to rub off on me. the second thing is the spammers like the w+m1 pyro or the demo sticky spam and the machana dds sniper at first it doesn't bother me but after trying to play fun stuff like wacky funny weapons and they just seem to kill the fun for it all I know I am just not supposed to be mad at them, and at first I was not "there just playing the game" I hear but now it's just getting on my nerves like its a skial server you don't need to go ham and cheese on everything, and capping on casual I don't mind it on casual rather its on 2fort or on hightower its ok plus you get some points after so why bother but on skial you don't get points or any map rotations so why? After all of this so I want to say some stuff I don't hate tf2 but I just don't find fun in the objective fun anymore and I just hate to try to have fun and a try hard has to yell at his team and kill everything even friendly's, hell that person can do perfect in a competitive setting and I encourage that but try to lay back a relax its just skial.

    Author: cyberblunova

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