What happened to community servers?

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    What happened to community servers?
    I have 3500 hrs, most from 2012-2014. A lot of my TF2 memories came from the awesome community servers, like jailbreak, deathrun, saxton hale / freak fortress, and all the other wacky gamemodes people made. There were so many community servers, it was awesome.

    However, just getting back into TF2 recently, I've noticed a incredibly severe lowering of the amount of community servers. I opened up the community server game browser, filtered out Skial servers, and then only put the requirements: <150 ping, has people, not full. I only got about 15 servers with more than 10 people.

    That's barely anything in comparison to the golden days of community servers, where there were hundreds of servers of people having fun, now just reduced to this many? Surely, this can't JUST be because all the good servers are full? What happened while I was gone?

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    hay guis i filtered out all da skial servers and now all i see are bad servers wat do i do pls help me reddit
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