What can i get from these?

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    Hello, I hope I choose the right section

    I want to sell some strange tf2 weapons on the market. Some of them have more that 600 kills so maybe their value is increased. The items are:

    -Hitman's heatmaker 665 kills
    -Grenade launcher "The splitter" 559 kills
    -Eyelander 616 kills
    -Huo long heater 660 kills
    -Spy-cicle 470 kills

    Can someone tell me the price at which i can sell these items?

    Thanks :blush:
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    When you trade or market a strange it loses its kills so the value doesnt increase.

    Unless you giftwrap it but people tend to only do that for Hales Own, and that might've been changed in an update.
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    Also, keep in mind that Valve will take 10% of the amount you sell, here's the FAQ to that.

    What is the "Team Fortress 2 Fee"?
    The Team Fortress 2 Fee is a game specific fee that is determined and collected by the game publisher. The Fee is currently set at 10%.