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Discussion in 'Mapping and Modeling' started by Wheyloffle, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Wheyloffle

    Wheyloffle Scarcely Lethal Noob Mapper


    Introducing: vsh_abandoned_warehouse_rem3
    Hey everyone. Due to popular demand for this map to return but without vents, and the fact that the original map creator, "g .", has vanished without giving me any responses, I decided to remaster abandoned_warehouse!

    CHANGE LOG (big list lol):
    • Removed ventilation tunnels
    • Heavily optimized the map (before I worked on it, I didn't find a single nodraw texture anywhere)
    • Mirrored the map (idk, for a fresh experience)
    • Raised the ceiling + noclipped all rafters, lights, and other whatnot up there (to prevent both snipers from camping up there and soldiers from hitting their heads on the scenery)
    • Added upper catwalk way w/ room (this corner felt highly underutilized, so I made this area as a hub area for red team while still keeping it exposed enough for hale to get the jump on it [especially if artfully using the boost pad located below it])
    • Shifted that top platform thing to a more convenient part of the map
    • Reorganized shelving + added a couple extra levels (rather than being tunnels, there are several little outposts for snipers to chill in or for engineers to set up escape teles -- all accessible)
    • Replaced the vents next to red spawn with a straight up transition room w/ dropdown
    • Moved and recreated red room (I took all the assets from that one upper back red room and reorganized them into a stairwell section connecting the lower crate room and the upper blue hall)
    • Completely reorganized mid (demo trimp ramps, crates for heavies and snipers to perch on, and general refocusing implemented)
    • Added a boost pad in the main area (mostly throwing a bone for hale to compensate for the large space and love for snipers)
    • Hale's spawn moved to corner back cow room
    • Added various detailing everywhere
    • Better balanced the map around all classes
    • Many, MANY other misc. quality of life updates (filled that hole you could get trapped in in the basement room, added pretty skylights to reduce claustrophobia, shifted health and ammo packs to be more fairly spaced, clipping clipping clipping, etc.)
    • Added a small map credits overlay in red spawn

    ( https://imgur.com/a/yWI394B -- in case the above IMG reference doesn't work )

    Feedback is very appreciated :mask:
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  2. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    I think the changes are okay except for these:
    • I don't think the vents should be removed.
    • Mirroring the map is a bad idea because most people are used to the way it is, it won't be a fresh experience it will just be confusing.
    • I think the stairs and platform you have added in the room on the last image are good functionally but I would like to see a bit of structural aesthetic. It's just floating at the moment. :p
    Apart from that the rest seems good, the boost pad is worth having if it causes any imbalances you can always change it in a later version.

    Unfortunately @g . was working on an improved version with some of the issues removed that you have fixed I believe, but he left because some people on here kept shit-talking him for no reason. It would have also helped if Luke didn't keep claiming to be the king of mapping even though he is yet to make a map himself.
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  3. Luke

    Luke Legendary Skial King Contributor

    I don't know how many people were asking for some of the edits you've made.

    Mirroring the map is a really bad idea, there's no reason to have done this.


    Just to make this clear, I did nothing to make him leave - and I have made maps before, just not for Skial, as I don't have any free time anymore.

    I was helping him through Discord with how to use Hammer, play testing different versions of his map pre-release, giving feedback constantly.
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  4. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    I'll make what I said a little fairer, all I saw though was shit-talk shit-talk shit-talk from everybody the day he joined Discord for the sake of shit-talk.
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  5. Wheyloffle

    Wheyloffle Scarcely Lethal Noob Mapper

    (Refreshed map download)

    • Unmirrored map
    • Added support stilts for the platform in gold room

    I won't be readding the vents. The people who I referred to as "popular demand" are many of the commoners of the LA VSH server (the one I mostly play on -- no clue about any of the others), and they felt abandoned would be much better specifically without the vents. I very much agree.

    It's too much of a pain in the ass for hales to get to the inevitable engi/loose cannon demo/pyro bases that set up in there every other round. It's extremely unfun and usually ends up being that the last of red team is in there, and you can't just cap because there's usually plenty more than two in there, and before you know it, the round gets drawn out and the hale is sometimes even voteslain for failing to get in. This has happened to many, including me :nomouth:

    2towers_spirals also has tunnels that hales often have to crouch through, but they are far more open and give hale himself the ability to pivot to go through a different path (also there's a teleporter exit in them that adds a telefragging dynamic to it); with abandoned's old vents, the reds who set up in there are the ones with the ability to pivot, while hale has to walk all the way around to try the other choked pathway that will work out for him just as well as the first one because all the red team has to do is turn their heads lol

    It just don't work.

    Besides, I've added ample spaces for engineers, pyros and the like to still sit pretty. I'm just not going to (re)add something as round-killing as the vents
    (plus the vent tunnels were directly behind what looked like a large door to the warehouse, which is just aesthetically unappetizing)

    (Link to pictures because I'm bad at embedding them here.)
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  6. soos

    soos TF2 Admin


    It will be interesting to see what the map is gonna look like without the vents ( Yes I looked at the images but you really need the experience of being on the map ) looking forward to seeing what the map has in store
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  7. Stove™

    Stove™ Wicked Nasty Engineer


    I'd be happy to see this map make a return, especially with the remodel.
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  8. dope

    dope Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

    +1 everybody loved this map, so it'd be nice to have it back.
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  9. Dragontamer

    Dragontamer TF2 Admin Contributor

  10. ChaddietheBaddie

    ChaddietheBaddie Scarcely Lethal Noob

  11. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Banned Legendary Mapper

    I guess we'll see how it goes, I'll trust your decision then.

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  12. True Darkian

    True Darkian Wicked Nasty Engineer


    By the vents, you mean those holes where you have to crouch through and a Loose Cannon demo can just freely destroy the hale?

    If yes, THANK YOU!
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  13. sehcturc

    sehcturc Positively Inhumane Poster Contributor

    I prefer the old red room rip

    Looks great though.
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