New [VSH] Update vsh_mariokart to v4

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mintoyatsu, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. mintoyatsu

    mintoyatsu Scarcely Lethal Noob


    After 2 months, a new version has been released using some feedback from mub.

    Engi buffs:
    - Restored the door inside the green pipe for telefrag setups
    - Reduced vent entrances in the gray room to one for a better telefrag setup
    - Increased ammo in the gray room so it matches the underground area

    Cloud re-buffs:
    - Fully functional healing Dispensers and Teleporters can now be built on the cloud (this is different from the old dispenser, which had infinite metal)
    - Sentries can now be redeployed on the cloud without bugging out
    - Stunned players don't get auto-teleported off the cloud anymore
    - Engineers can use teleporter entrances to escape the cloud when stunned and vice versa

    - Stunned players can use the speed ramps again
    - Fixed the green elevator with multiple passengers, for real this time
    - Added flashing signs on buildings when a player is inside them
    - Added a flat speed pad behind the gray room
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  2. ish

    ish Uncharitable Spy Contributor

    +1, revamping the cloud will make the area viable again after the previous changes.
    Overall seems like a better update to Mariokart.
  3. mub

    mub Gore-Spattered Heavy Contributor

    +1 map update
  4. Stack Man

    Stack Man Sufficiently Lethal Scout Mapper

  5. DanishSoup

    DanishSoup Uncharitable Spy

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