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Super Jumps (Saxton Hale, Easter Bunny, Vagineer, and Gentlespy)

Super jumps are just sucking the life out of VSH. It’s nearly getting impossible to even win matches as hale and it’s becoming more Red Sided than the Hale’s sides. Imo, the changes isn’t balanced at all. It was more better when super jumps never costed your HP. I get that super jumps are suppose to be a “challenge” for you to not use it so much but I find it dumb. I’d rather have this kind of mode moved into the “!diff” command for players who wants to make their hale round challenging. In conclusion, I think having super jumps cost your health was a mistake to add. Now if you plan on keeping it instead of removing it, maybe do 500 HP for every super jump? Because super jumps are very useful and I find it unnecessary to have 3k HP removed for every super jump . Mostly because hales needs it to catch trolldiers who run away constantly or try to get sniper in specific places where they can’t reach or when they have to get to the other side of the map to reach other players who are far away. There are so many ways to change super jumps from being spammable but removing a chunk of HP for once super jump is not okay at all.
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