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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mub, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. mub

    mub Gore-Spattered Heavy Contributor

    Wanted to suggest to add just a couple more options to the !diff selection for more variety;

    [4x Rank] 25% HP

    several people have already beaten 50% HP with over half their HP, so this is for them.

    [4x Rank] RED full crits

    Full crits do 3x damage and greatly increase knockback, and would make certain classes far more dangerous, such as Heavy, Scout, and Sticky Demoman, so I think 4x would be an appropriate modifier.
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  2. MrLupin

    MrLupin Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight Contributor

    +1 some more options can make !diff more fun
  3. ish

    ish Uncharitable Spy Contributor

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  4. Slip

    Slip Truly Feared Pyro Mapper

    Some hale variants I proposed earlier.

    Glass Cannon - High damage and mobility, but low health
    • -70% of health pool
    • 2x speed
    • +1000% damage bonus (instakill any player, regardless of overheal/resist/cloak)
    Spring Loaded - Super jump focused, less health
    • -50% of health pool
    • 2.5x faster super jump cooldown
    • 1.5x faster rage buildup
    Tank - Ridiculous health buff, at the cost of removing most of hale's abilities
    • 4x of health pool
    • 2x slower super jump cooldown
    • Unaffected by knockback, airblast and taunt stuns
    • No rage
    • 2x slower firing speed
    • Speed of soldier
    • +1000% damage bonus (instakill any player, regardless of overheal/resist/cloak)
    • Stun UberCharged players on hit
    Fast Hands - All hale's abilities/movement on crack, with a health nerf (similar to vagineer rage, but differnet)
    • 1.5x speed
    • 1.5x faster super jump cooldown
    • 2x faster firing speed
    • 2x faster rage buildup
    • -50% rage effect duration
    • -50% of health pool
    Smelly Saxton - Avoid getting close to hale.
    • "Toxic" RTD effect on hale for round (50 dps to player)
    • Speed of Sniper
    • 1.5x faster super jump cooldown
    • -50% of health pool
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  5. mub

    mub Gore-Spattered Heavy Contributor

    -1 this just seems like Freak Fortress but in VSH with how detailed these modifiers are.
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  6. ish

    ish Uncharitable Spy Contributor


    All these proposed changes to !diff give hale an upgrade rather than a difficulty change.

    With your first suggestion of "Glass Cannon" good hales will be able to easily wipe out stragglers with ease due to 2x speed, and completely negate any defensive capabilities classes have with a +1000% damage bonus. With most good hales already playing a hit and run strategy, this will undoubtedly make it easier for them given the proposed changes.

    Spring loaded will be a diff option that abuses the explosive weighdown mechanic making it even harder to deal with hit and run hales, when this is already an issue when most good hales already play that strategy.

    I'm just going to skip the rest of the proposed changes and say they are very hale sided changes. All these suggestions are tailored to hit and run playstyles and would undoubtedly make it harder for RED to take out the hale. Most players who use the !diff option are regulars who know how to play hale well, and effectively–these are just changes that would make point farming much easier. The point of !diff is to make it harder for players who are already good at normal difficulty, so I don't see how these massive "buffs" being a hindrance.
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