New VSH ghosting rule.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Dragontamer, May 21, 2018.

  1. Dragontamer

    Dragontamer Truly Feared Pyro Contributor


    There should be a rule in VSH where players cannot ghost other players. Sometimes when I'm an engi who just got away from hale, people ghost my location so he runs there next, and this has happened with other people who are different classes. Now I'm sure some of you will disagree with this rule and say "But then this allows hales or reds to camp in spots and hide the whole match." Well, maybe make it where ghosting is allowed once the timer goes below seconds so this problem doesn't occur.
  2. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Legendary Skial King Legendary Mapper


    Not sure, but if this was made a rule ghosting should definitely be allowed if there's only 2-3 players left. (For the reasons you pointed out)
  3. True Darkian

    True Darkian Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    While I admit I ghost sometimes, I make sure of some things:

    • If the hale is new and doesn't know much about the controls, the current map,...
    • Red player has been hiding / camping for a while if a few Reds are alive.
      • Also if the hale hides / camps for a while.
    Ghosting in VSH can become agains't the rules with some exceptions to prevent unnecessary round delay.

    Ghosting reminds me of Jailbreak. R.I.P
  4. Dragontamer

    Dragontamer Truly Feared Pyro Contributor


    Yeah I agree with your decisions, but I meant if the timer went below 1:30 not "seconds" so that would be better.
  5. Defibyoulater

    Defibyoulater Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor


    I think the reason why there isn't a rule on ghosting for VSH is because if you have the need to ghost someone, then someone is not doing the damage you expect them to as a team member.

    In honesty, I'm the one person who ghosts a lot, and it's because the match becomes horribly tedious with the same BFB scout, or Soldier using instruments to hide somewhere elusive. It makes for gameplay where people find it entertaining for one match, but continually it drives players away due to increased boredom.

    Most of these last man standings die with subpar damage, because they hide all game to gain mini-crits or crits. Then, they quickly die because the teammates they should have been helping are not there to help them because in essence let them die for personal gain. Believe it or not, it's called Team Fortress.
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  6. chairius✿

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    people can camp (mainly engineers) and hales can sometimes having a hard time finding them, as they may have a hud with viewmodels disabled (like me)

    i don't wanna wait 5 minutes for someone to look for an engineer in a terrible spot that will be killed instantly as soon as hale finds them
  7. Orthros

    Orthros Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    I'm surprised, I thought there was one already implemented. Since there isn't, my suggestion is as follows...

    Ghosting is not allowed as long as there are at least two humans (not boss) still alive. If there is only one player left, than he/she can be ghosted except in the following situations:
    • The player is a Spy that is actively fighting
    • The player is an Engineer that is actively playing and trying to kill the boss
    • The player is trying to hide long enough to get back on their feet (example: Heavy on low health that is trying to eat sandvich or otherwise get HP so they can survive a hit.)
    Additionally, any player (including the boss) can be ghosted in the following situations:
    • The player is hiding to delay the game
    • The player is fleeing or otherwise not fighting to delay the game
    • If that player specifically says that people are allowed to ghost him/her specifically. (Ex. Boss "Jane" says that players can ghost her. Someone points out that Jane is in a tunnel. | Ex2. Human "Billy" playing Heavy says that players can ghost him. Someone says that Billy is hiding in Blue Spawn.)
    Those are the guidelines we use for ghosting on G-S.N, and they work well.
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