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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Toxik, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Just realized no one has made one of these threads yet. Anyone here using VR yet?

    I have an Oculus Rift, since the Vive was basically twice the price when I bought my headset. Haven't had any problems with it yet, even though many people seem to be having both headset malfunction and a lot of user error (punching the ceiling light, leaving their headset in open sunlight).

    Current favorite game is H3VR, amazing shooting simulator that gets updated weekly
    Also love Bigscreen to watch random stuff with random people, seen a few new movies in both flat and 3D

    Don't own it myself, but I've also played a lot of Job Simulator on my friend's Vive, looking forward to Vacation Simulator so much
  2. JayDee

    JayDee Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor


    i have vive
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  3. soo

    soo TF2 Admin Contributor


    I got a vive over the holidays and love it.

    So far I had the joy of playing PavlovVR which is basically counterstrike with VR.

    Rec room is another good choice with various mini games such as charades and laser tag. Only downside I've noticed is that it's filled with kids. Good for the family in my opinion.

    Whirligig is a great choice for a video player allowing you to watch movie files and even allows YouTube support.

    VRChat is most likely where the most fun is to be had. Full of entertainment and randomness.

    I've only hit my wall once so far. :flushed:
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  4. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    I've watched a lot of Pavlov, both on YouTube and Twitch, and it seems like so much fun but my space isn't big enough for that :(
    I've also seen that they already sell rifle-shaped controller handles to make games like that easier/more fun, but that shit is so expensive for a few pieces of metal

    I did download rec room before it was too popular with kids, but yeah I did hear it's an absolute nightmare now. I don't mind VRChat, but even though it's supposed to be a similar experience, it completely lacks all those mini games and replaced it with incredibly weird skins and weeaboos rofl. I've had a few good times there, but I'm not social enough for a game that revolves around interaction
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