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Closed Various Unique Weapons For Mainly A Scrap Each!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 - Sales' started by ZeSquirrel, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    Title says it all, some weapons will be more than a scrap due to them being worth more than a scrap. I also have non-unique weapons and items available to buy on other threads.

    (Genuine Hats (List generated at TF2Toolbox.com)

    • --- Engineer ---
      [*]Genuine Hetman's Headpiece (Level 1, Black)

    Normal Hats

    • --- Scout ---
      [*]B-ankh! (Level 86)
      [*]Big Elfin Deal (Level 42)
      [*]Bonk Boy #21018 (Level 90)
      [*]Fast Learner (Level 97, Uncraftable, Purple)
      [*]Futankhamun (Level 43)
      [*]Haunted Spooky Shoes (Level 51)
      [*]Spooky Sleeves (Level 8)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Scout Soul (Level 1) x 4
      [*]Wrap Battler (Level 87)
      --- Soldier ---
      [*]Fancy Dress Uniform (Level 30, Pink - Hell)
      [*]Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe #21511 (Level 81, Pink - Hell)
      [*]Shoestring Budget (Level 86)
      [*]Steel Pipes (Level 55)
      [*]Stout Shako (Level 59, Pink - Hell)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Soldier Soul (Level 1) x 9
      --- Pyro ---
      [*]Blazing Bull (Level 68)
      [*]Coffin Kit (Level 20, Uncraftable)
      [*]Fallen Angel (Level 90)
      [*]Moonman Backpack #11918 (Level 15)
      [*]Respectless Rubber Glove (Level 32, Uncraftable)
      [*]Tail From the Crypt (Level 35)
      [*]Tribal Bones (Level 64, Uncraftable)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul (Level 1) x 3
      [*]Waxy Wayfinder (Level 47, Uncraftable)
      [*]Wraith Wrap (Level 33, Uncraftable)
      --- Demoman ---
      [*]A Whiff of the Old Brimstone (Level 20)
      [*]Bird-Man of Aberdeen #1272 (Level 89, Gold)
      [*]Cool Breeze (Level 72)
      [*]Hair of the Dog (Level 27)
      [*]Hair of the Dog (Level 42, Uncraftable)
      [*]Pickled Paws (Level 41)
      [*]Scottish Snarl (Level 5)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Demoman Soul (Level 1) x 10
      --- Heavy ---
      [*]Can Opener (Level 33)
      [*]Dragonborn Helmet #13463 (Level 10)
      [*]Football Helmet (Level 56, Uncraftable)
      [*]Grand Duchess Fairy Wings (Level 89, Uncraftable)
      [*]Grand Duchess Tiara (Level 51, Uncraftable)
      [*]Grand Duchess Tutu (Level 96, Uncraftable)
      [*]Sandvich Safe #9427 (Level 15)
      [*]Soviet Stitch-Up (Level 58)
      [*]Steel-Toed Stompers (Level 30)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul (Level 1) x 5
      --- Engineer ---
      [*]Buzz Killer (Level 35)
      [*]Engineer's Cap (Level 13, Uncraftable)
      [*]Frontier Flyboy (Level 24)
      [*]Legend of Bugfoot (Level 36)
      [*]Prairie Heel Biters (Level 15)
      [*]Texas Half-Pants (Level 71)
      [*]Texas Ten Gallon (Level 1, Brown)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Engineer Soul (Level 1) x 5
      --- Medic ---
      [*]Dr. Gogglestache (Level 41)
      [*]Einstein (Level 7)
      [*]Emerald Jarate (Level 99)
      [*]Prussian Pickelhaube (Level 3, Uncraftable)
      [*]Prussian Pickelhaube (Level 4, Uncraftable)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Medic Soul (Level 1) x 7
      --- Sniper ---
      [*]Desert Marauder #19987 (Level 14)
      [*]Garlic Flank Stake (Level 64)
      [*]Holy Hunter (Level 85)
      [*]Silver Bullets (Level 95)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul (Level 1) x 12
      --- Spy ---
      [*]Griffin's Gog (Level 41)
      [*]Griffin's Gog (Level 71)
      [*]Intangible Ascot (Level 63)
      [*]Intangible Ascot (Level 72, Uncraftable)
      [*]Ninja Cowl (Level 1, Violet)
      [*]Under Cover (Level 41, Uncraftable)
      [*]Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul (Level 1) x 7
      --- Multiple ---
      [*]Barely-Melted Capacitor (Level 1)
      [*]Bombinomicon (Level 20, Untradeable)
      [*]Haunted Bonedolier (Level 60)
      [*]Boo Balloon (Level 20, Uncraftable)
      [*]Deus Specs #14562 (Level 10)
      [*]Haunted Executioner (Level 31, White)
      [*]Frontline Field Recorder (Level 20, Untradeable)
      [*]Full Head Of Steam (Level 48, Untradeable)
      [*]MONOCULUS! (Level 31, Untradeable)
      [*]Professor Speks (Level 5, Untradeable)
      [*]Pyrovision Goggles (Level 16, Untradeable)
      [*]Scrap Pack #2209 (Level 28, Pink - 216)
      [*]Skull Island Topper (Level 31, Untradeable)
      [*]Spine-Cooling Skull (Level 31, Untradeable)

    Promo Hats

    • --- Demoman ---
      [*]Dangeresque, Too? (Level 20, Untradeable)
      --- Multiple ---
      [*]Alien Swarm Parasite (Level 20, Untradeable)
      [*]Demoman Mask (Level 10)
      [*]Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head (Level 31, Untradeable)
      [*]License to Maim (Level 20, Untradeable)
      [*]Medic Mask (Level 10)
      [*]Pyro Mask (Level 10)
      [*]Scout Mask (Level 10)
      [*]Soldier Mask (Level 10)
      [*]Spiral Sallet (Level 10, Untradeable)
      [*]Spy Mask (Level 10)

    Genuine Weapons

    • --- Demoman ---
      [*]Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker (Untradeable)

    Strange Weapons

    • --- Scout ---
      [*]Strange Bat
      --- Soldier ---
      [*]Strange Equalizer x 2
      [*]Strange Escape Plan
      [*]Strange Rocket Launcher
      --- Pyro ---
      [*]Strange Flame Thrower x 2
      [*]Strange Powerjack
      --- Demoman ---
      [*]Strange Scotsman's Skullcutter
      [*]Strange Stickybomb Launcher x 2
      --- Heavy ---
      [*]Strange Tomislav
      --- Engineer ---
      [*]Strange Widowmaker
      [*]Strange Wrench
      --- Medic ---
      [*]Strange Crusader's Crossbow
      --- Spy ---
      [*]Strange Big Earner
      [*]Strange Spy-cicle
      --- Multiple ---
      [*]Strange Pistol
      [*]Strange Shotgun

    Normal Weapons

    • --- Scout ---
      [*]Atomizer x 2
      [*]Bonk! Atomic Punch
      [*]Crit-a-Cola (Uncraftable)
      [*]Flying Guillotine
      [*]Force-A-Nature (Uncraftable)
      [*]Holy Mackerel
      [*]Mad Milk
      [*]Soda Popper
      [*]Unarmed Combat #8740
      --- Soldier ---
      [*]Black Box
      [*]Buff Banner (Untradeable)
      [*]Escape Plan
      [*]Liberty Launcher
      [*]Rocket Jumper (Uncraftable)
      --- Pyro ---
      [*]Axtinguisher (Untradeable)
      [*]Flare Gun (Untradeable)
      [*]Scorch Shot
      [*]Sharpened Volcano Fragment x 2
      --- Demoman ---
      [*]Ali Baba's Wee Booties
      [*]Eyelander (Untradeable)
      [*]Scottish Resistance (Untradeable)
      [*]Splendid Screen
      [*]Sticky Jumper
      [*]Sticky Jumper (Uncraftable)
      [*]Ullapool Caber
      --- Heavy ---
      [*]Brass Beast x 2
      [*]Buffalo Steak Sandvich
      [*]Dalokohs Bar
      [*]Eviction Notice
      [*]Fists of Steel
      [*]Holiday Punch
      [*]Huo-Long Heater x 2
      [*]Iron Curtain (Untradeable)
      [*]Warrior's Spirit
      --- Engineer ---
      [*]Frontier Justice
      [*]Gunslinger (Untradeable)
      [*]Rescue Ranger
      [*]Wrangler (Untradeable)
      --- Medic ---
      [*]Blutsauger (Untradeable)
      [*]Kritzkrieg x 2
      --- Sniper ---
      [*]Huntsman (Untradeable)
      [*]Jarate (Untradeable)
      [*]Machina x 2
      [*]Razorback (Untradeable)
      --- Spy ---
      [*]Cloak and Dagger
      [*]Dead Ringer (Untradeable)
      [*]Red-Tape Recorder
      [*]Wanga Prick #70351 (Untradeable)
      [*]Your Eternal Reward
      --- Multiple ---
      [*]Bat Outta Hell (Uncraftable)
      [*]Conscientious Objector
      [*]Frying Pan x 2
      [*]Lugermorph (Untradeable)


    • [*]Dueling Mini-Game
      [*]Noise Maker - Winter Holiday x 2
      [*]Power Up Canteen
      [*]Shred Alert
      [*]Taunt: The Meet the Medic


    • [*]Series 49 Crate
      [*]Series 54 Crate
      [*]Series 55 Crate x 3
      [*]Series 56 Crate
      [*]Series 57 Crate x 2


    • [*]Reclaimed Metal x 4
      [*]Refined Metal

    Steam Community URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/magicalsquirrel
    TF2B: http://tf2b.com/tf2/magicalsquirrel
    -Squirrel Out
  2. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight


    DORGINATOR Sufficiently Lethal Scout

    I'll buy a rainblower and lollichop for 1 scrap each.
  4. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    kk add me
  5. Loob

    Loob Scarcely Lethal Noob

    i whant to buy the three rune blade. add me i cant add you
  6. Mathias

    Mathias Truly Feared Pyro Contributor

    I too am interested in;
    Three-Rune Blade
    Unarmed Combat #8740
    Freedom Staff #7470
    Frying Pan
    Add me on friends list and we'll talk about it.
  7. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    I don't have a lot of the items you requested, but if you add me we can discuss the ones I do have.
  8. TriangleSauce

    TriangleSauce Scarcely Lethal Noob

    im interested in the strange pistol and stickybomb launcher and genuine hetmans headpiece.... ill offer one rust bk sniper and a reclaimed for the 3
  9. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    3 Reasons why that's a bad deal:
    1. I don't accept items, plus yours is REALLY difficult to re-sell.
    2. Your item is worth max 1.66, the stranges are 1.33 for both and a hat is NEVER worth under 1.33 in my book so long as it's tradeable.
    3. The hat is painted black, so is worth more than the basic price, plus it's renamed (doesn't add a lot but hey.).
  10. TriangleSauce

    TriangleSauce Scarcely Lethal Noob

    how about 2 ref for the hat
    ill just have to go sell it first
  11. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    I'd still require more, as I said, it's painted black so it bumps the value up a bit.
  12. TriangleSauce

    TriangleSauce Scarcely Lethal Noob

    mmmm..... i can only do 2 refined..... it doesnt bump it up that much.....
  13. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    The paint is worth 2.5 keys, I could do 2 keys for the hat, that's a good deal IMO.
  14. TriangleSauce

    TriangleSauce Scarcely Lethal Noob

  15. Kickrox

    Kickrox Mildly Menacing Medic

    Hi Ze, I'm interested in three things.. don't think I can afford them but a person can hope.

    -Fists of Steel
    -Dalokohs Bar
  16. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    Add me for discussion, same goes for anyone else who wants stuff from now on, it's easier to just add me and talk
  17. Biggy

    Biggy Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Hey im intrested in trade brass beast for 1 scrap.
  18. Cygnus

    Cygnus Scarcely Lethal Noob

    I'll give you a key for S. Widowmaker
  19. ZeSquirrel

    ZeSquirrel Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

  20. Evolkasi

    Evolkasi Scarcely Lethal Noob

    I`ll buy the Griffin's Gog, Intangible Ascot and Under Cover for 1 scrap each.
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