It's been 2 months since we released vanilla servers for casual players fleeing from hackers. Since then our servers have been filling well and some people have asked me to setup more servers. You can add these to your favorites or use the server page here
  • NY 2 -
  • LA 2 -
  • UK (London) -
  • DE (Frankfurt) -
  • BR (Sao Paulo) -
  • AU (Sydney) -
Depending on how well these fill, we may open up more in the same location or more locations.

For those of you who just came from casual, here's a list of why you might prefer our servers.
  • Custom anti-cheat. We have custom detection methods that catch stealth cheaters. The bots that plague casual are all automatically detected and banned.
  • Custom VPN detection that detects 99% of all major VPNs. Cheaters are unable to just create new accounts to bypass our bans.
  • Active admins that can ban anyone else that slips through.
  • All locations we host have strong DDoS protection. (with the exception of Brazil, protection level there is unknown). Many TF2 streamers resort to playing on our servers because of this.
In addition to just adding new servers we've made some changes.
  • Spies and snipers are now limited to 3.
  • Some servers will now have 0 bots to test if they fill or retain population better.
    We know some people complain about the bots on our servers, but they are removed when the server fills and people usually prefer to play against something rather than no one else at all. We will test this for a few days to make sure this is still the case.
  • To get these servers started, anyone playing on a vanilla server will get 50% more credits until the end of September.
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oh hey, you added a brazillian server
i thought that was denied
that's poggers :)

We are only doing it because some other community which I will not name has recently opened a bunch of servers on low end hardware/hosts and figured that if people are willing join those then we could try it as well.

So far it is not filling very well and we have no idea how much ddos protection it has.
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