We are in the process of upgrading to Xenforo 2.

Some time in the next few days, the forum will be taken offline for a bit in order to process the upgrade. The custom code we have is being rewritten and tested on a test server before we switch.

We've avoided upgrading before because we've made a large amount of changes to the forum that require manual updating. But we will need to upgrade eventually as Xenforo 1 does not support php 8 and php 7 is going to be removed soon.

Things that will be missing in the beginning:
  • Black Theme
  • Custom Category Icons.
  • Some forms like report player.
  • Old Reactions. Reactions are built into Xenforo 2 but there is no migration script.


TF2 Admin
Good luck on the migration to Xenoforo 2. Hopefully it's not too bad.

php should be phased out entirely to be honest. There's so many better alternatives.


TF2 Admin
No more dumb react:persevere:
It's alright. We can do it the old fashion way. Just reply with the image.
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