Sufficiently Lethal Scout
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I took community feedback into consideration when making this update. It significantly reduces the amount of playable space and eliminates almost all pits and has more elements to support mobility.

-Added a couple more ammo/health kits, and made some larger
-Added a staircase exiting right side of BLU spawn
-Added a ladder pencil that goes from the lower area right of BLU to the desktop
-Removed the pit directly outside of BLU spawn and replaced it with a playable floor space
-Raised the ground level of the low area left of RED spawn, made the area smaller, and revamped it overall to increase visibility
-Revamped the cave right of RED spawn to be more open and greatly reduced the playable space
-Removed all pits around RED spawn
-Reduced the size of the far nook area around the RED teleport
-The pit will now teleport the player to BLU spawn as a failsafe in case the plugin doesn't auto teleport the player after taking damage
-Reduced the pit's fall damage from 1000 -> 500
-Adjusted the positions of some erasers so they're easier to land on
-Added and moved various smaller pencils to help with player mobility and avoid blocking sightlines
-Adjusted the orange, pink, light blue, and light green pencil textures to be less saturated
-Slightly darkened the boards texture used for the shelf and ramps on the desktop
-Added more pencil wood textures for variety
-Fixed a couple lead texture errors with thin geometry
-Added a custom sound for when the point is captured