Unmoderated OS Holy War: Windows vs Linux vs Mac

Discussion in 'Technology' started by PsychoRealm, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Khed

    Khed Totally Ordinary Human Mapper

    Mac is based off UNIX
  2. hXcjedders

    hXcjedders Gaben's Own Aimbot

    I can't wait until they make a minecraft redstone OS.
  3. Ryulise

    Ryulise Positively Inhumane Poster

    don't forget Linux is.
  4. Khed

    Khed Totally Ordinary Human Mapper

    Also based on UNIX. What I wanted to say it's that Mac isn't fully related to Linux, their only relation is the kernel.
  5. tux9656

    tux9656 Uncharitable Spy

    Linux is only UNIX-like and is written entirely from scratch. Mac OS X uses a fork of the FreeBSD kernel known as Darwin and has much source code in common. FreeBSD is descendant from 386BSD which is a descendant of the original BSD which is a descendant of AT&T UNIX. Mac OS X contains some source code from AT&T UNIX whereas Linux does not.

    Do you realize how slow that would be running under Java? I think a OS running as a flash application would be faster. Also, don't forget Java doesn't allow you to declare a variable's type. Assuming UTF-16 character encoding, every boolean value in the OS would consume 16 bits instead of just one.

    Has anyone ever used MINIX3? I think it's a relly nice OS. It just needs to support better filesystems, such as ext2/3/4, JFS, XFS, Btrfs, UFS, and ZFS, and needs to support more hardware.
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