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    Un subbed from r/tf2
    When i didnt have a computer of my own, Tf2 seemed like a far away treasure, always just out of reach. When i got a Acer computer, i finally had a chance to play the game i always wanted to. And i was super disappointed. The community was super toxic and just an ass to be around. Its was repetitive and just really not any fun anymore.

    This is also why I unsubscribed from r/tf2. Its full of whiny players who think Valve is always to blame, yet hypocritically asking them to do everything to please them. Its full of people who always want to correct you when you tell them about your bad experiences and others wrongdoings. The community is unoriginal, bandwagoning on any idea that comes up.

    An example [is this right here ](https://i.imgur.com/TQd8P84.png) its from a Funke video. Funke is a Tf2 youtuber who i used to watch alot along time ago. He also has a habit of blaming Valve, the people who can very well just get up and quit giving the game attention all together, and to watch people just praise this really annoys me.

    They say things like “The community is the only reason Tf2 is still alive” then refute that statement when something dosent go the way they wanted it to.

    Tf2 is losing players (which it has been doing forever) and they like to blame it on things like the mechanics of the game and the people who actually take care of it, because the community is apparently a godsend that is going to fix everything, until it dosent.

    Tldr: i left r/tf2 cause its full of self boastful adults who act like little children that had their toys taken away when Valve does literally anything. Also the memes suck.

    Author: Timmytriangles

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