Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
So recently I've discovered these two deathrun maps that can increase the popularity of deathrun servers on Skial.

dr_valve_hq is pretty fun and I think it's been made not so long ago, it mainly features Gaben which happens to appear everywhere in the map and it has many minigames and traps. I find it a lot better than dr_bank because of the length and quality of the map itself. The map has the same kind of style to the trump tower but a lot better.

dr_technoir is similiar to bearun but with even more fun to it. It's featuring parkour for the whole map with some traps in it and there are versions that either lower the difficulty or increase it. It's harder than bearun and steamworks which will make itself a challenge for newcomers and maybe skilled deathrun players.

These are the suggestions I have for now.