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Discussion in 'Technology' started by TapTap, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. TapTap

    TapTap Legendary Skial King Contributor

    So I've been downloading a few games, and whenever my PC shuts down, it automatically deletes the .cache file responsible of storing the download progress of the game, and the download would instantly go back to 0%.

    I've looked online a lot, and finally got it working by recovering the download files and forcing steam to use them.
    Here are the tips if anyone has a similar problem.

    1. Unqueue the download, and close steam.
    2. Check your game's appid. (ex. 570 for Dota2)
    3. Go to /steam/steamapps/common and create a new folder, named the exact same thing as the game's core files. Google that up. For example: It's 'dota 2 beta' and not 'Dota 2'.
    4. Go to /steam/steamapps/downloading/ and copy the files in the [appid] folder to /steam/steamapps/common/[folder you created earlier]
    5. In /downloading, delete all state_[appid]_xxxxxx.patch files.
    6. In /downloading, delete the [appid] folder.
    7. In /steamapps/temp, delete the [appid] folder.
    8. In /steamapps, delete the appmanifest_[appid].acf folder.
    9. Rerun steam, the download should not appear in your Downloads Queue.
    10. Run the game from your library, it will show ask you to select a directory as if it's a fresh install, proceed with the wizard, until you see 'Verifying existing [game name here] files...". Once done, the download will be queued, and upon being started, it will resume from where it was left off.
    You're good to go, hope this helps. : )
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  2. [Redeemers] Pepper

    [Redeemers] Pepper Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Help, so i was trying to do this with rust and before i was trying to install the new dev thing (it constantly updates i guess) and whilst it was updating i started another game then closed it and resumed the download and it reset back to 0 right? well after trying your lil technique i now have to re install 1.8GB >:( And im lucky if my internet is even 100kb/s, i dont wanna wait 5 hours, is it a different method to rust since theres so many different betas?
  3. TapTap

    TapTap Legendary Skial King Contributor

    It might not be from where it was left off, but it will always be less than the starting update size.
    Again this is something I found online. It is not my method.
  4. foe

    foe Mildly Menacing Medic

    Regardless of the rather crude method you found online, if your client is doing this, you probably need to uninstall and reinstall Steam.
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  5. Mr Shirogi

    Mr Shirogi Scarcely Lethal Noob

    What if there is no /steamapps/temp?
  6. Mr Shirogi

    Mr Shirogi Scarcely Lethal Noob

    It didn't work. I have already download 1.12 gb of dota 2 last night. But now when I look at the download now, its goes back to its stopping point like the 96.mb
    i tried your searched method. but when I try run the game, actually it is not in the game library. I went to back to store and click downlad. It started from the very beginning( XX.kb) i dont know where it went wrong. But there is one of the method that i have skipped though "In /steamapps/temp, delete the [appid] folder." there was no temp. I have folders Dota 2, dota 2 beta, downloading , workshop, sourcemods. no temp. And because the download restarted from the very beginning the files i have deleted is been replaced by new ones. Dowloading dota 2 is really frustrating, 7.1 gb? I dont know if im still going to continue downloading it. It would be much better if there someone out there that i could copy there backup data files and restore it on steam. I think that would be more faster.
  7. kashyapa

    kashyapa Unremarkable User

    Old thread, but just wanted to note something that could solve the issue everyone above has.

    So I had the same problem and followed TapTap's solution, but I think he missed out one step at the end. After you follow all the steps, if experience the problem where it just resets to 0% like the others here have said, just:

    1. Pause download
    2. Verify Integrity of Game Cache

    It should go right back to where you originally were. My Dota download progress was at 95%, then when my computer restarted dropped to 10%. I followed the solution, and it went to 0%. But as soon as I verified integrity, the download jumped back to 95%. Not sure why, but this is just something that worked for me.
  8. NeedlessMe

    NeedlessMe Scarcely Lethal Noob

    It worked for me though, I have finished the download but I'm updating it for additional updates of whatever Steam forgot to update on my game War Thunder though..
  9. Bilal Zulfiqar

    Bilal Zulfiqar Scarcely Lethal Noob

    I was downloading Rainbow 6 siege and its completed 24.0gb/56.4gb then pc turned off directly and download goes back to 174mb :) After using i started my downloading from 21.0gb. Thanks <3
  10. DDSS_Gaming

    DDSS_Gaming Unremarkable User

    DUUDE, thank you so much for the help!
    It's really heartwarming to see people investing time and effort to help others out.
    PS: I joined this community specifically to comment this, so thanks again for your help :)
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  11. 啊童生

    啊童生 Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Thank you so much for the help!
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  12. Loki1

    Loki1 Unremarkable User

    Thanks a bunch! This really started to annoy me after a while
  13. Accounterra

    Accounterra Scarcely Lethal Noob

    That works for me, ty vm!

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