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    The real goal in tf2 is to collect hats. You can not just find hats at the snap of the finger though. Your gonna have to trade your way up to it, but how do I just do that. Well, the answer to this billy is trade server. In skial there is 3 trade servers trade_portal_beta, trade_bm_tower, and trade_minecraft_skial. They all got there advantages, but which one is the best? Today I will be decryptying these servers properties and telling you which one is the best and which one is the worst.

    PS:I am not here to hate on a server and then say another one is better, they all got there advantages.

    Ahh trade minecraft, where people play a map in a game that is from another game. Minecraft servers are very popular in TF2, but is this one living to it's heritage. Ill just start off by saying that trade_mc is really the only trade server in skial that has a community. Since most of the time the server only has about 20 people on the server, people have gotten to know each other really well. Anyway moving along from this, what about the main thing, the trading. Well the trade there is good for selling low tier stranges and low tier hats, maybe some hats or stranges worth about 6 keys, which isn't bad. Me personally, I have gotten alot of trade from this server and have met alot of chill people. What about the scammers, the hardheads, the lowlifes, tryhards, and the fags. Welp, there all here. That little community they got, isnt that good of one. People get scammed for spycrabs, they will spawn kill you, and you guessed that right they will give you weapons for hats. Now since ive already mentioned the community 2 times I am gonna move along from that and go to some more facts about the server :3. Trade Minecraft is a NY server. It has a obstical course and is good for rocketjumpers and stickyjumpers to practice. Overall I think it is a pretty damn fun server.
    The funnies
    Obstical course = True
    Map = 10/10
    Overall funness = 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
    The trade
    Amount of people on the server most of the time = 20-30
    The trade = 8/10
    The offers = B+ trades arent always fair
    Total rating = 8.5/10
    The community
    Knowing each other = 9.5/10
    The tryhards = 75%
    The fags = 10%
    The hardheads = 4%
    Lowlifes = 1%
    Scammers = 5%
    Cool cats = 5%
    Total rating = -90000000000000000000000000000000/10
    Main people you should watch out for
    [Soldier]Ace: A bullshit, though he is a bullshit, hes a chill guy
    Naipshet: Complete dick
    Cool Cats
    Lost Generations: Chill Guy
    Hawk_Support: Fair trader
    PIGGY!!!!: Chill Guy
    Danco110: Fair trader
    Silver Ag: Helps new peeps, trades alot, active player, and knows community well
    Other information
    Alot of people here are just fags that want to earn quick metal and keys, I personally dont like this server, and also yes I do troll this server sometime but they shouldn't take it serously.

    Trade Portal
    Trade portal is by far the most active trade server in skial.The server is full most of the time. There is almost no scammers here, maybe one will pop in wildly. The people here are great traders, almost all the trades profit from you and your a trader. Alot of people do not come here to play the map though. The map Trade_Portal is meh, not so great. You can rocketjump a bit but really isnt that much of a map to play like just for fun. More of a map for trade. Trade_Portal is a US server. There really isnt that much community here. I mean people know each other but its not like there gonna like help them and stuff like that.
    The funnies
    Obstical course = False
    Map = 5/10
    Overall funness = 6/10
    The trade
    Amount of people on server most of the time = 31-32
    The Trade = 10/10
    The Offers = A+
    Total rating = 1993493939593593959349593956256034906034/10 (brb need to invent new number)
    The community
    Knowing each other = 5/10
    The tryhards = 5%
    The fags = 1%
    The hardheads = 1%
    Lowlifes = 1%
    Scammers = 0.1%
    Cool cats = 91.9%
    Main people you should watch out for
    Cool Cats
    Civus:Fair trader, veteran
    Other information
    Just a great server!

    Before I even start, I just want to point out that this server really has nothing wrong with it and really doesnt have anything good about it. This is the only trade server in the EU. There is a decent amount of players on at a time. About 25% of the traders are fairly good ones. People there are very kind. The map though.... really isnt anything to talk about it. I think it is pretty cool though, not really use to play though or kill though considering that there is a safezone. They have somewhat of a explosive jumping comunity. That really is it.
    The funnies
    Obstical course = False (Meh atleast they got water :3)
    Map = 9/10 (it is a pretty sick map)
    Overall funness: 7/10 (they do got that safezone)
    The trade
    Amount of people on the server most of the time = 0-32 (the ammount of players jumps alot)
    The trade = 9.5/10
    The offers = A-
    Overall rating = 9.5/10
    The community
    Knowing each other = 3/10
    The tryhards = 0.1%
    The fags = 0.1%
    The hardheads = 3%
    Lowlifes = 1%
    Scammers = 2%
    Cool Cats = 93.8%
    Main people you should look out for
    Cool Cats
    (Different people come on day by day)
    Other information

    You probaly already guessed that trade_portal is the best one. It may not have that good of a map but it still has alot of trade and it is very active. That is all that trade servers are used for anyway. The worst server is trade_minecraft. The community there is so shit you just want to leave the server the instant someone does a douche move. I have had experience in this. I am a bit of a troll, and I have trolled the server before. Unlike having a good laugh about it like times when I go on the bm tower or portal they would, they mute me for spamming. This is not the only reason though. Maybe if there wasnt so much scammers and it had better trade it can be a good server, but for now I do not think it is and I think it is getting worse by the day. Trade_bm_tower is neutral though. The server isn't good and the server isnt bad. Hopefully we can get some active players on the server to give it atleast some what of a community. Anyway thanks for reading this forum, comment what server you think is the best and what server you think is the worst, and see you in jupiter!

    P.S. : Just to follow up, my intention wasnt to hate on the trade minecraft or say trade portal is good. It was to stick out the advantages of the trade servers and say in my opinion which one is better. Don't get me wrong, trade mc can be a god server but right now its a pile of shit.


    Tf2 ^ :3
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    Why am I not in the list :(
    Edit: Civus also goes to minecraft
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    This is in the wrong section should be in trade chat
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    You are one dedicated motherfucker to help satisfy players need of finding the best suitable trade server for their specific items to trade.

    I like you!
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    Yah I know its alright
  6. ayassine1234

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  7. •Nimbus• The Candyman

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    (More) Main people you should watch out for:
    Masterchief3245232523 -annoying
    Triangle Sauce - Especially annoying

    Most little kids
    Any perpetual rafflers/spcrabbers

    Cool Cats
    Harlequin Valentine - Somewhat passive now
    Paul The Goth

    And what about Tungsten and I huh?
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    I dont see you comeo on as frequent as these guys, also I know nothing about you :3
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    Wow, it feels so good to be loved..
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