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I saw that the trade server is now showing the message "TF2 is unable to show more than 33 players in the scoreboard."


In my opinion, as much as a trade server with more than 33 people might seem appealing, I feel like this would be way too unstable and hurt the server more than it would help for the following reasons:
  • Halloween mode is disabled, meaning traders trying to sell spelled items would no longer be able to show them on the server, and I believe this is due to the particle limit.
  • The amount of unusual traders flowing into the trade servers (more specifically the US server) is pretty sizeable, and I feel like loading a lot of unusual effects would lag peoples' games bad, and/or make the server lag/crash, and the particle limit might be reached this way as well.
  • Mic spammers on the trade servers are already a huge issue, and not being able to see who is talking past the 33rd slot, as well as not being able to see their name (shows as errorname) would make dealing with these people very difficult.
  • As far as I know, a decent amount of traders use custom mods (most popular ones being the California Girls Kazotsky Kick mod, weapon animation mods, etc), and I know a lot of people (including myself) that also use mastercomfig to help deal with lag, especially on the trade server (the amount of effects being loaded in, the map details and the fact that the game is unoptimized for newer hardware all play into it). Based off the reading from the FAQ, these would cause crashes to be more frequent, which will be a massive turn off for some people, or potentially make the server unplayable for some.

Though, there are some benefits to this, such as being the only trade server with more than 33 slots, having a lot more activity on the server due to the attention this will bring, and so on, I feel like the cons outweigh them, and could potentially harm the server for a good amount of traders.

If there is a way to work around the voice chat and errorname issue, as well as finding a way to allow Halloween mode to be enabled without causing massive instability, then I feel like this could work out.


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I realized that people who talk in voice chat past the 33rd slot show up in the middle with the /hsay text pop-up.

However this still gets blocked by one of the plugins (Advertisements??) that puts stuff like !item and !servers to promote other servers. Feel like at the very least that should be removed so people can see who is talking. I am also unsure if it lists multiple people talking at once with that.

EDIT: Names stack in the /hsay text just fine. Only issues I can see now are the speech bubbles not appearing above someone's head if they talk past the 33rd slot (makes it harder to find out who is who just by the hats they're wearing, or if you're interested in someone's hat and they have ERRORNAME then you can't really tell who it is), and the advertisements that block the hsay voice chat bubble such as this:
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One other issue now: Votemutes don't go through now due to needing a large percentage of the server to vote yes.


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If the scoreboard is limited to only 33 players does that mean that for some people you cant easily right click on their name on the scoreboard and click trade player

Gonna have to put +1, as cool as higher player counts is it just isnt going to work for most servers other from ze


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To add to this again, you aren't able to trade anyone on the server past the 33rd slot, as their names do not show up in the in-game trade menu, nor can you target the /trade command to someone past the 33rd slot.

EDIT: sm_trade (/trade) doesn't work for anyone apparently. It will always give the error "You cannot target this player." This means there is currently no way to trade someone that is occupying any slot past the 33rd slot.


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Pretty much all of the issues I mentioned have been fixed or have workarounds now, aside from stability which is always uncertain with this kind of custom plugin. If anyone has anything they would like to add to this just in case, feel free to do so.


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it's very irritating not being able to trade people on the scoreboard who do not appear on the scoreboard due to server limit reasons.
it's also inconvenient to advertise and not appear on mic, but appear in the middle of the screen. this can cause people to ignore people advertising on mic and talk over advertisments.