Tips on getting credits?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by ♛ Ryankz11 ♛, May 12, 2019.


If you had 1 million credits given to you, what would you do with them?

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  1. Waste it all on keys. (im sure we all wanna do that)

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  2. Save it, and do other things with it. Like using the skial store. Etc,

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  1. ♛ Ryankz11 ♛

    ♛ Ryankz11 ♛ Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    [Except the daily contract, Betting etc.] Is there any "other" way to get credits fast im working up to a key and I have like 60000+ credits. Im so close :X
  2. soo

    soo TF2 Admin Contributor


    You can play around with the key market and trade keys for credits. Seed servers that have lower populations since they give increased credits. Use a credit party item from the store which will increase the amount of credits you would receive for a set amount of time.
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  3. ♛ Ryankz11 ♛

    ♛ Ryankz11 ♛ Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    and where is the uhhh key market on the fourm?

    [EDIT: Nvm, I should've looked before posting, im gonna go with a "my bad" on that one]
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