Truly Feared Pyro
Name the_child_slayer

Summary random voteabuse/discrimination


When did this happen? approx 10:15am(DST) Pacific

Which server did this happen on? 2 Fort + | US 2

Any other information
During my game play, the above named player successfully had michael silenced for spam. Although there is no demo from me based on my report, there was no justification by the_child_slayer to do what he did.
He made the assertion that the player is a "child" based on his voice

the_child_slayer's chatlog,

2FORT+ | US 2 ████01/15/2022 - 10:17:56 AMthe_child_slayerif i hear a child talk on vc i start a vote for them to be muted

michael.a.haggerty's chatlog,

* Other than 1 comment registered, there was no other typed comments to provoke the_child_slayer,