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Discussion in 'DayZ' started by Bottiger, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Bottiger

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    This is the real guide to DayZ.

    If you play the game with the other guides on the internet, you will probably rage-quit after your 20th death spending hours crawling like a slug trying to find a single weapon. Meanwhile, the veterans are using these tricks to have an easier time killing noobs.

    DayZ is a zombie mod that gaming mags are raving about, that tries to be as "realistic" and hard as possible. If you go on the forums you will see everyone complaining about everything being too easy from things like spawning with a weapon to server chat, both of which have been removed. Most of the people who want it harder probably played hundreds of hours or enjoy killing the defenseless.

    This guide does not mention a few essentials that every other guide already has.


    Keep joining servers until you find one during daytime so you can actually see something.

    You will spawn by the south or the east of the coast. Use to find out where you are and where to go.

    Search for a Weapon and other Items

    The first thing you need is a weapon, and trying to find it in the smaller towns nearby is a waste of time. The chances of a house/apartment having a weapon can be as low as 7%. Look for "deer stands" or other buildings that have a high chance of "military loot".


    This is what a "deer stand" looks like and it is a brown icon on the map.

    You can actually click on buildings on the dayzmap website to see what they look like and the loot chance.

    Use to find the drop chances of items you want.

    Actually getting the weapon

    Contrary to what every guide tells you, do not waste 30 minutes crawling to a building to avoid zombies. Zombie detection is based on chance which means they can detect you 100 feet away even when you are crawling behind them in pitch black.

    The best thing to do is to find a building you want to farm and then sprint there. Once you are inside and the zombies are slowly walking to you, hit escape and exit. The zombies will leave and you can reconnect and farm the building at your leisure.

    Joining a new server will allow you to farm the same place multiple times.

    How to deal with Zombies

    Zombies only spawn outside of buildings. They appear to be randomly generated when you walk into an area.

    Fences or doors do not block zombies.

    Zombies can outrun you outside of a building, inside a building they will walk slowly. Most buildings only have 1 entrance so you will probably need to exit the game to shake the zombies away.

    How to deal with Player killers

    Join a server with fewer people. Quit and join another server when you see them. Farm the less profitable towns away from the coast.

    And that is DayZ summed up in a nutshell.
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  2. mohawkg2

    mohawkg2 Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Christ Bott.
    You need to write a guide for every game you have.
  3. Perseus Dash Jackson

    Perseus Dash Jackson Legendary Skial King

    Note to self: Never play DayZ.
  4. Sharkey

    Sharkey Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Why isn't this in the dayZ section?
  5. sboles

    sboles Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I want this game soo bad :/
    i'd love to see rooster teeth do a LP of this, with Gsvin, Micheal, Jack, and Geoff.
  6. Lord Killington

    Lord Killington Australian Skial God

    what dayZ section?
    EDIT: appears there actually is a DayZ section now
  7. Giildy

    Giildy Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Some of this... is incorrect. lemme just...
  8. Giildy

    Giildy Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    zombies got broke again in the lastest patch. I think of the the main issues is that when you kill one zombie another immediately spawns
  9. ConstructionZombie

    ConstructionZombie Face-Melting F2Per Contributor

    Icton is planning on doing LPs, which if you want to hear a bunch of guys pooping their pants its worth it.
  10. extaa

    extaa Gore-Spattered Heavy

    Small fix.
  11. Luckyboxes

    Luckyboxes Wicked Nasty Engineer

    Thanks for the guide.

    This game is mega confusing to start.
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