The R8 and Repercussions

Discussion in 'CS:GO' started by Defibyoulater, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Defibyoulater

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    Everyone remembers the glory of the once over powered "pocket awp," R8 Revolver.

    But since it's heyday (one day after its release) they nerfed it with DMG reductions.

    Since that update, the amount of R8 users has wittled down.

    I've noticed that in the past 20 or more of my comp games, the R8 is no longer used. Seriously, I haven't seen a revolver.

    Have you guys run into this too?
    Do you think the wind-up to dmg ratio has actually killed this gun?
    Any of you higher ranked people run into R8's? (I'm only Nova II)
  2. Cowboy Crow

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    I used the gun once, hated it because its a pain in the ass to use and never used it again. And then I uninstalled CS:GO.

    I won the game.
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  3. Defibyoulater

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  4. CompanionConcierge

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    It can be fun to use if you know how to use it
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    Don't worry, play Deagle.
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