The Bot Invasion Of Community Servers

I may be go crazy. But when I play less competitive and authorised community servers I encounter a very strange feature. There is different people playing around, nothing too strange, maybe people with stock loadout and no cosmetics (maybe f2p) stick out because they take around from 1/3 to 1/2 of the server, another weirdness is practically no one chatting, and it is especially weird as they do say things, but only when they about to leave. I noticed that they were saying "cya" and "see you all".

But that is the only beginning. When I start to top score (which is weird cause I only have 300 hours) I get bored and hop on other server (not skial or uncletopia or even MGE). I lose all of my cr\*p, the servers I go all have different names, but as soon I enter I see all the same people: same names, same classes, same weapons, same cosmetics, same everything. And I am scared, Are these bots? Are these what, they are all the same, (I did encounter bots that mimic players, but they had the bot sign instead of ping.) What does it mean?

If you encountered this, or have any ideas, or actually know what is happening, please comment.

(I did not check if this post, or idea was copied and before me. All correlations to posts of other's are not intentional.)

Author: Drawner_That_Draws