TF2 Vintage Weapons - are they worth anything?

Discussion in 'Trade Chat' started by spudmanst, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. spudmanst

    spudmanst Scarcely Lethal Noob


    I have a few vintage weapons which I do not want to scrap and I'm willing to keep hold of for awhile to see if prices increase.

    Anyway I've noticed there isn't such a big demand for vintage weapons (hats are different) and seen them sell for only slightly more than getting the non-vintage equivalent. Do you think vintage weapons will ever increase?

    One would assume that with some people scrapping them and new users playing TF2 that the demand could increase, however I doubt this would be the case.

    Also, does anyone know of a good price checking site for vintage weapons? I cannot seem to find a good one, even after a lengthy Google search :/
  2. Ruelel

    Ruelel Moderator Staff Member Contributor


    most vintages are 2-3 scrap while vintage conch and vintage fan o war are like 1-2 buds or around that
    vintage xmas update weapons are 1 ref
  3. (cYs) Del Piero

    (cYs) Del Piero Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight Contributor


    Actually you can sell pretty much any vintage weapon for 2-3 scrap metal. Some also for more. So it's not that bad. And who goes by price sheets?
    This is the most used one

    Edit: Rulele beat me :s
  4. Chiefmiest

    Chiefmiest Server-Clearing Cynic


    ill buy your vintage wrangler and vintage tribalman's shiv.
  5. spudmanst

    spudmanst Scarcely Lethal Noob


    Thanks for the replies.

    Roughly a month ago I traded a vintage huntsman for 8 random weapons, including 3 which I required at the time: machina; the winger; concheror and thought that was an alright trade (mainly because I needed the 3 weapons).

    I remember just making a huge scrapping clear out just before the items turned vintage X_X

    DrRuelel & Del Piero - Thanks for the ball park figure, I just wanted an idea of their current value.

    Del Piero - Thanks but I've tried that site and I would assume that most of the vintage I am willing to trade are so common that they are not on the spreadsheet.

    chiefmiest - I'm current going to hold on to my vintage items for now, space isn't an issue at the moment. If and when I decide to sell them I shall make a post in the allocaded forum.

    Going back to one of my questions, do you think vintage weapons are going to increase in price? I cannot see it happening to be honest and would imagine the prices to be constant. This may be because I haven't done alot of trading on TF2 to know how the market is. I generally just stick to keeping loads of dupes items and if someone asks for it in-game then I will trade them my one item for 2 random items of theirs.
  6. (cYs) Del Piero

    (cYs) Del Piero Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight Contributor


    I don't think vintage weapons will increase dramatically over the next time. But it's pure speculation which I'm doing right now.
    Vintages costed around 6 Months ago the same as they do now but vintage hats costed a bit less 6 Months ago than they do now.
    Therefore I think that vintage weapons will only slowly if any increase in price.
  7. spudmanst

    spudmanst Scarcely Lethal Noob


    That's what I'm hoping but I will be trading them when I run out of space anyway!
  8. Phantom8888

    Phantom8888 Mildly Menacing Medic


    I liek vintages
  9. T333J

    T333J Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

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