• If you are not the person that was banned/muted, you are only allowed to post evidence. Trash talk is unnecessary.


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Link to your ban from here https://www.skial.com/sourcebans/
Please click on Ban List or Comm List and click advanced search.


Why should you be unbanned?
You've heard it before and you've ignored It before but hear me out. At one point in time yes I did in-fact use hacks on one of your servers and was Permanently banned. I knew exactly what I was doing at the time, I knew exactly what i was doing on other community servers and valve servers and honestly I have no excuse that can really be formed into something meaningful. But I can say this, I can be ignored by you and live the rest of my life being banned and being okay with it because that's your job and I did do something wrong, or I could be unbanned and be allowed to once again play on your servers as a genuinely changed player who simply wants to provide the community with further longevity than it would without one extra person fighting it out until tf2 ceases to be a game of interest to anybody.

Its kinda strange how i got here, for a period of time while playing tf2 years back seeing a hacker was very interesting to me not because I wanted to hack because I wasent pro at the game but because it struck me that there is possible knoledge to be learned from how cheats abuse the system and how pro players have adapted very similar but ultimately legitimate forms of skills that cheats replicate mathematically. I actually had a extremely hard time timing my rockets and pills for years until i used a hack to do it for me, something about how it predicted Its shots literally taught my muscle memory how to hit complicated shots and so on. I'm actually thankful because of that experience but greatly regret the damage it causes, its borderline substance abuse converted to a video game where what you are doing is effecting the people around you, Hence why after learning what i could from the hacks i had used I just quit using them and haven't looked back.

So if you stuck around this long and read whats above I can say for certain I would not ever repeat my offenses on your or anyone else's servers and to play fairly until my natural life ends.

I'm not sure why but on source-bans I seem to be banned from your servers but It comes up as blocked instead, I can actually connect to a server and enter the game but will be disconnected immediately, not sure if the system for bans bugged out but I do know I was banned.

Thanks for your time.

Zeke Aileron

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As much as it burdens me fellow pony, but you have cheated which is one thing that Skial doesn't look away from.

it's unfortunate, but regardless of what you say in trying to appeal a ban for a cheating/hacking reason is not tolerable by Skial, we appreciate the apology and the changed person apology, it's non-negotiable regardless, so whatever community servers you haven't tainted so far, please enjoy those servers as much as you can.