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Answer these to the best of your ability using the resources available to you. If punishment is necessary, use the SteamID3 of the mentioned playe

  1. Beardo builds a sentry nest right on top of a common spot for Sniper nests in Dustbowl, a player reports him for this accusing him of harming his team. Is he? What do you do? Beardo has 1 offense
    I go on a tangent in Harvest about LGBT rights. That LGBT are satan's children and sinned in the eyes of god. What rule(s) am I breaking? what do you do? I have 7 offenses
    Catgirl dumpster repeats a bind every few minutes of a quote supposedly from Bottiger calling you an n word. Which 2 rules did she violate? What do you do? 0 offenses
1. Beardo is breaking the rules because he is blocking the snipers view with his sentry nest. Since Beardo already has one offense we would ban him for 3 days. sm_ban [U:1:82104774] 4320 "Griefing"

2. You are breaking the Other Discrimination rule. Since you already have 7 offenses, which is past the 5 that is normally issued before a permanent ban, I would mute/ gag you permanently. sm_gag [U:1:116254940] 0 "Discrimination against LGBT". If the previous offenses were not just communication related bans a permanent ban would be more appropriate. sm_ban [U:1:116254940] 0 "Discrimination against LGBT".

3. The rules catgirl would be breaking are racism and fake admin quotes. I would issue a 1 day ban since she has no previous offences. A regular ban would be more appropriate since she's trying to spread false information about an admin. sm_ban [U:1:338331972] 1440 "Fake quotes from Bottiger/ Racism"
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VSH Balancer

Been seeing him hang around VSH now and then; we definitely need staff hangin' around that server and he appears more than capable.
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TF2 Admin
Thank you guys for all the +1's and kind words. I really appreciate it.

Also I would like to fix some mistakes with my previous questions.

My time zone is PST. I don't know why I gave specific hours lol.

For the initial question about how I would ban my own steam id I wrote in the steamid wrong. It's supposed to be
sm_ban "#[U:1:44444126]" 0 "Obvious Aimbot"

For question 2 that Jermaphobe posted it should just be a permanent gag and mute.
sm_gag "#[U:1:116254940]" 0 "Discrimination"
sm_mute "#[U:1:116254940]" 0 "Discrimination"

For question 3 that Jermaphobe posted it should of just been a 1 day gag and mute.
sm_gag "#[U:1:338331972]" 1440 "Racism/ Fake Quotes from Bottiger"
sm_mute "#[U:1:338331972]" 1440 "Racism/ Fake Quotes from Bottiger"
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I think that you would do a great work as an admin.
You're active, an smart guy, you report people and remember people to follow the rules.
I still don't like the new profile picture.
+1 for me
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+1 throwing in rep since he's pretty active on the forums and discord, seems fair and balanced


Scarcely Lethal Noob
+1 Cool guy, actual legend at Huntsman stunning, contributes greatly to the team and clutches some rounds with his incredible taunt skills. Has a good eye for friendlies ruining rounds, would make a good addition.
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