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Senor Roberto

Scarcely Lethal Noob
Servers Skial Zombie Escape (all regions)

Time Zone PST

Link to your stats page

Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. 961:07:23

Will you get mad if you lose admin? no

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here
Required guide is here:, command is sm_ban "#steamid" or #userid or "name" time in minutes, 0 is permanent "some reason", so my steam ID would be 76561197971693644 for "obvious aimbot"

Anything else you feel like saying
I am one of the few active regulars at the Skial ZE servers for over a year now and am only looking specifically to apply to admin for those servers. Since the mod is so niche, I think we need more admins to regulate the peace, improve overall gameplay and enjoyment, and more importantly give aid to our contributors and mappers that frequently work on improving the mod and ZE experience. I often take a leadership role and try to teach lower class citizens how to play Skial ZE. Although I rarely win, because I always die as I am a loser. I am also an admin on the community run ZE discord where I have been squatting and hoping that no one will notice me. I cannot promise I will be a good admin and no one will probably respect me because I am pink and somewhat self-deprecating. I will probably never use my admin power unless as a last resort or to help out the mappers/porters like Bottel/W00 finally get it together after they give me an explicit favor in return. I do not plan to advertise that I am an admin in the server, and please do not expect me to participate in anything outside of ZE. The end goal is to increase traffic flow and overall enjoyment to ZE only. If you need need a reference, please reach out to mrcrazyattire. In any event, thank you for considering my application.

Inferno Lord

TF2 Admin
You’ve got hours and from my glances of your chat logs, nothing seems amiss but patience and maturity are of key. You’re lacking in the reports area.

I highly recommend filing reports on trouble makers especially for a guy of your hours on ZE, that’ll help show us you understand the rules we enforce.

Your application seems fine, I’d work on formatting but that’s not important for the position. I’ll reserve my judgment for when I see your improvements.

Senor Roberto

Scarcely Lethal Noob
You’ve got hours and from my glances of your chat logs, nothing seems amiss but patience and maturity are of key. You’re lacking in the reports area.

I highly recommend filing reports on trouble makers especially for a guy of your hours on ZE, that’ll help show us you understand the rules we enforce.

Your application seems fine, I’d work on formatting but that’s not important for the position. I’ll reserve my judgment for when I see your improvements.

There are no reports simply because I have had no need to report anything. Keep in mind that ZE is a tiny tight knit community and mod within Skial. Any kind of misconduct is quickly dealt with through democracy and public hangings. Also I ain't no snitch.

That said, I am not on the servers all the time especially during off hours. At times there is an adversary that the common folk cannot defeat, and they must call upon a hero so that peace may be restored and life may move on and flourish.

I must announce that I have been crowned king of ZE community discord. I was the last possibly choice for my people, and I did not ask for it, but alas the responsibility has befallen me to rule the band of misfits. I am no longer Senor Roberto, I am now King Booberto

My application to become admin is not geared towards punishing the weak minded or the trauma induced children, rather one of nurturing and re-education. We must work together and be mature adults to lead the way to a prosperous future.

I do not believe in imprisonment and punishment in the form of banning or muting as a first resort, but rather as the last final defense. In fact we as a society have seen that imprisonment does not rehabilitate the homeless, the mentally ill, the crackheads, the dealers, the thieves, and especially the murderers. We have all murdered, I may possibly have a genocide under my belt. Does that make me better than the next person? No, absolutely not.

Here are some additional literature for you to brush up on if you would like to see why capital punishment does not work.

As for understanding the rules and enforcement laws, I am happy to say that I have 1750 on my SATs. It means I understand math and reading comprehension. There is no worry for me to type numbers on my screen and also read and understand literature at a high standard.

I will recite the rules to you from exact memory.


These actions may result in bans, silences, or other punishments.

Examples are listed. But just because you don't see something here does not mean it is not included. Every single thing is not listed because the rules are so long that most people don't read it all and we cannot think of every possible problem.
  • Spamming. Examples:
    • Advertising other TF2 servers or Skial competitors.
    • Telling people to boycott Skial.
    • Reporting people that aren't breaking the rules.
    • Calling random votes, even on yourself.
    • Music is not allowed on voice chat.
  • Using or advertising hacks. This includes letting your "brother" or "friend" do it on your computer or internet connection. Advertising "fake" hacks is also not allowed.
  • Don't be annoying/toxic. If you are bothering people and making them leave, you will be muted.
  • Attempting to ruin the reputation of Skial or Skial staff. Examples:
    • Spreading false rumors.
    • Fake admin quotes.
    • Complaining about the rules.
    • Complaining about the admins.
    • Constantly saying the server is trash.
    • We do not want to silence all criticism, but due to malicious players doing these things solely to advertise competing servers, it is now up to admin discretion to mute or ban for these things. Suggestions should be on the forums rather than server chat.
  • Threatening to attack Skial or Skial staff.
  • Admin impersonation
  • Racism. Racial slurs or stereotypes are not allowed.
  • Any other discrimination based on gender or religion is not allowed based on admin discretion.
  • Exploiting. Examples:
    • Killing someone behind the gate before the game starts.
    • Bypassing the afk manager by using scripts so you are not kicked.
  • Scamming
  • Posting others private information without consent.
  • Avoiding punishment by changing your account, ip address, or any other means.
  • Griefing Examples:
    • Blocking sniper views
    • Teleporter traps
  • Friendlying is not allowed on custom game mode servers except for idle and trade.
  • Votekicking people who kill friendlies is not allowed.
  • Connecting to the server with multiple idle accounts is not allowed.
  • Doing any of these on a throwaway account. Your main account will be punished.
Trade Server Rules
  • No music or recordings in voice chat.
  • No purposefully interrupting trade chat.
  • Asking for donations is considered Spam.
  • All Raffles and Events/Contests (trivia, costume, etc.) require Skial Green Shield Admins or anyone on this list to middleman:
    • In addition, raffles and events/contests must be a key value at minimum.
    • Giveaways (meaning events where there is no fee/requirement from users other than the host) do not require a middleman nor value to host.
  • Clear terms and agreements to any Wager, Raffle, Event or Contest must be posted in chat before it begins and all scores must also be posted in chat.
  • Interfering with a Wager/Event/Contest (such as partner taunting near a Spycrab) is considered Griefing
  • Profiles and Inventories must be public if trading.
  • No trading of any CD/Retail Game Keys/Codes
  • No item misrepresentation, such as:
    • Falsely claiming rarity (1-of-1, glitched, owned by celebrity, etc.)
    • Trading items renamed as other items
Spycrab Rules
  • Each player agrees in chat as follows:
    • "I agree to spycrab <opponent name> for <items>, first to <number> crabs <wins/loses>"
  • Both players hold out their disguise kits and taunt, keeping pace and making sure no one is ahead.
  • The loser must pay the winner the agreed amount immediately.
    • "Double or nothing" or similar is not allowed.
  • In the case of a tie, play continues until a player crab taunts once more than the other.
  • If no specific Spycrab rules are stated, first to three loses.

Deathrun Server Rules
  • Lying about freerun is allowed.
  • Intentionally suiciding or disconnecting as boss at the end of the round to annoy everyone else.

Rules also apply to admins


How to Record Demos"

I have also memorized every single console command

"Some Commands
  • sm_gag "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
    sm_ungag "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
  • sm_mute "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
    sm_unmute "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
  • sm_ban
    "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
    time in minutes, 0 is permanent
    "some reason"
    time in minutes, 0 is permanent
    "some reason"
    steamid or ip
    "some reason"
  • sm_slay #userid or "name"
  • sm_removespray
  • sm_spec "#steamid" or #userid or "name"
  • sm_ban "some player name" 123 "frequent racism"
  • sm_ban "#500" 60 "aimbot"
  • sm_addban 321 "#[U:1:23456789]" "griefing"
Make sure you get the order right or you will ban the wrong person.

To get a userid, press ~ to open the console and then type status. The userid appears at the column on the left. This is for finding people with untypable names.

# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state
# 648 "bob" [U:1:23456789] 22:05 65 0 active
# 665 "jane" [U:1:98765432] 00:53 1375 78 spawning

The blob to the right of each name is the steamid.

Using #steamid with /ban /mute /gag /silence etc... will work after the target disconnected.

Ban Lengths

Here are the standard ban lengths. Use longer ban times based on the seriousness of the offense, or if the person plays rarely and would not be affected by a short ban time, or is a repeat offender.
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • Permanent
Permanent bans are now only reserved for serious offenses such as:
  • Using or advertising hacks.
  • DDoS attacks.
  • Posting illegal information/sprays
  • Posting personal information without consent
  • Scamming

Demos are required for hacking incidents.

Fun commands on Idle or Trade
  • You are not allowed to kill people while being in god or buddha mode.
  • You are not allowed to give god or buddha mode to people who intend to kill others.
  • No negative commands on people who didn't ask for it (like timebomb).
Fun commands on all other servers
  • You should not use anything other than kick/ban/slay/mute/gag/silence."
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Inferno Lord

TF2 Admin
I told you maturity and patience are key. I understand you may be serious about the position but we have standards, and personal reflections, and how ZE should run does not go above how we moderate our servers. These applications are to be taken seriously, self grangerization and unwillingness to do the basic tasks as an admin immediately disqualified you. I had my hopes but that post immediately shot down your chances. The job of admin is not to be liked and it is not a role for your own personal gain, it's for the greater community and the betterment of the server, not standards set by ZE's own self-imposed way of handling things.
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