TF2 Admin App: Kosher Salt

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Kosher Salt, Nov 18, 2020 at 12:31 AM.

  1. Kosher Salt

    Kosher Salt Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Time Zone:
    EST, tend to play throughout afternoon and evening hours on a consistent basis.
    Link to your Stats Page:
    Playing Time:
    250 hours between tf and tfcustom.
    Will you get mad if you lose admin?:
    Definitely not.
    How do you ban yourself using your own SteamID?:
    sm_addban 30 "[U:1:210833543]" "obvious aimbot"
    Any other reason you should be admin:
    I have grown very fond of this server. It's fun to mess around with friends, pick up some frags, and get to know people. While my experience is overall positive, there are often people that blatantly go against rules, ranging from vote spam to loli sprays, that just ruin the atmosphere of the server. If I get admin, I would just clean up stuff that occasionally comes up while playing, in addition to the obvious (hacking, exploits, etc).​
  2. Italian Doctor

    Italian Doctor Sufficiently Lethal Scout Contributor

    -has 1 report, marked invalid
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  3. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Chatlog is kind of a yikes, hope you get support on this app
  4. Phantom 5.0

    Phantom 5.0 TF2 Admin Contributor


    HIGHTOWER | US ████ 11/11/2020 - 11:06:42 AM kosher salt Abomination : kosher you fuck with people lol', NO SHIT RETARD THATS WHAT I DO”

    That was just one of many things that you’ve said recently that don’t align with standard admin code of conduct. Do you think that this type of behavior would be tolerated if you were to become admin? I realize you were quoting someone, but if you want to be a trusted, respected member of the team, you’ll need to change that type of behavior.
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